Enhancement shaman need more baseline spells

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Enhancement shaman obviously going through slight rework in 10.1. and I cannot be more glad. PvP wise it is spec which lies in B tier category for too long time (I know Karen sometimes its almost A tier). Sad because Its very fun to play spec.

The problem is that these new PvP talents looking really strong and enhancement already have too many PvP talents which cannot be dropped. Grounding Totem, Static Field Totem, Ride The Lightning, Shamanism, Unleashed Shields…all of these are essential and even now its already hard to choose because all of it is so good. And in 10.1. burrow is coming and now Stormweaver - Very very strong again. Its impossible to fit all of these in 3 choices…

The solution could be making some of these baseline or put them into talent tree.

PS: Thank you for giving some love to shamans.

  • Swelling Waves (PvP Talent) has been removed.
  • The healing bonus from Improved Maelstrom Weapon is reduced by 75% in PvP combat (was 25%).
  • The healing bonus from Raging Maelstrom is now reduced by 60% in PvP combat (was 40%).

Here you have you rework bro xDDDDDDDD


Its beyond absurd, we already had massive healing nerfs with the talent rework.
Now they are nerfing healing even more because i assume its to balanced the Stormweaver talent. The problem with this is that the healing nerfs are not tied to stormweaver, meaning Stormweaver is now going to be a 100% mandatory pvp talent. And even then it remains to be seen if the healing nerfs are still too much.
We have been asking for some sort of passive healing/defensivess and not have to sacrifice damage in order to heal via mealstrom. Stormweaver does address this however alongside the healing nerfs its basically going to be a case of having to use a GCD to heal after EVERY mealstrom damage cast just to get a bit of healing, and we lose the ability use mealstrom for big heals when needed, healer cc’d, enemy bursting, etc.
Theres a balance to be had here but we will have to see.
IMO they should make it that these new healing nerfs ONLY apply to heals done via stormweaver. As in if you dont take stormweaver talent, or have it but use mealstrom to heal directly the heals should be unaffected by these nerfs allowing more gameplay options for the player.


Where as Stormweavwr talent is a great idea and basically give that extra heal, but 2 passive heals from PvP are gone now. So we got 1 in place of 2…
On top of that not only healing will suffer but also ANY MSW spender that invludes dmg so not only we will suffer from healing nerfs, but dmg also.

This is why MSW is a bad design at this point, as I said before Overflowing maelstrom should be removed, do not nerf everything together because of 1 New talent that someone thought it will be a great addition for enhancemen shaman…
And it feels like its more of a Slow spec now, build MSW with anything you can to deal some dmg. Ss dmg is low compared to other abilities, so from Main ability this became a builder with cd basically…
Lava Lash is another thing to address, wonky and boring ability if its the case where MSW is basicaly a builder mechanism, Id like to see more spenders that are Baseline. Not 1 heal and 2 spenders, unles you take the Ele Blast and now with Talent changes we need to go for Chain Heal, so we stuck with 2 heals for spending and 2 to 3 offensive abilities.
The mkst hated spec by Blizzard it seems.

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Its always been an issue with enhancement, theres FAR too much RNG involved with it especially currently. Instead of addressing that fact they just tone down everything so that if you get god tier RNG you feel strong, but only about as strong as most other top classes are. And if you have average RNG is solid B tier, low RNG basically wet noodle. Problem is most of the times players have been hard bursted by enhance is when theyve gotten that super lucky RNG, those players then think that its a strong class when it really isnt. You consistently see enhance on low A/B tier sometimes lower but ask yourself, how popular is the class? I can count on one hand the number of times ive seen another enhance shaman in solo shuffle this season.

with the recent enhancement shaman healing nerfs, enhance feels VERY weak in terms of survivability. My max healing surge was 150k and this is our only means of staying alive. I really hope blizzard un-nerf the healing surge modifiers otherwise 10.1 will be another patch of getting carried by our teammates.

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Tested the new Stormwaver today. Very bad honestly. another PvP talent which is doing Something similar as maelstrom stacks. I used focused insight. So when you get the buff and then you use flameshock and another 10 stacks in theory it is a very big heal. But firstly its not because healing is mega nerfed in PvP. And secondly that doesnt solve the problem of too many healing modifiers (you need to press 7 fkn buttons to get one big heal) and you still need to spend maelstrom on healing to make it viable heal (because as I said already in PvP both surge and maelstrom are nerfed to the ground).

If only wolves passive healing would get back.

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I dont know what are they doing with this spec, It seems like someone not knowing how this class is played and giving some random crap altogether.

Its like they give me warlock class to balance and I dont know sh1t about it and I am doing some random new abilities and removing some other ones being used.

Its like they are living in some alternate universe where enhancement is being played?

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at this point they can give enhance the same talent as ret, after spending msw gain 100k absorb shield haha.

freaking give back wolf heal, make astral crap usuable while stunned since you refuse to give back shamanistic rage. while we are at it you can also at the stupid bfa auto heal to it.

and for the love of everything, remove the stupid 10 msw s0ending talent, it ruined the whole spec.
also delete ice strike it is just annoying.

rnhance n33ds passive dr or passive healing. every single time they try building around healing surge which is either lay on hands or doing absolutely nothing.

you know you could also add a talent:
increase stormstrike dmg by 150% but cannot reset anymore. cd increased to 6-8sec

give back stone claw totem

ah whatever the devs dont know what to do with enhance anyways. how many times did they rework and change this spec and it never worked?
just reimplement the wotlk version and add some qol changes to make it wotk in current version (crashing storm and those other stuff)

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enhancement shaman need less spells overall*


Elemental weapons goes from 10% extra damage on Fire Frost and Nature spells to 1% per Weapon Imbue active. 8% dmg is gone, that contributes to the fact that for with MSW this goes down like a sinking ship. With 5 MSW now this spec will be weaker than before. This is peanuts of a damage on a spenders, 30k non crit with lightning bolt? Joke, I dont know about other classes if they getting nerfed like this in PvP, but if not then its time to reroll back to something more enjoyable…

It seems like Mistweaver is dealing more damage than Enhancement in PvP


for pvp it was always more beneficial if your spenders did no dmg as you needed to bank all msw for healing.

they juat put more effort on the physical build without crappy modifiers to track all day. biggest offender is of course lotfw which is just a god awful talent.

i rather have stormstrike and wf hit like a truck than lighning bolt pmw shenenigans


I would like to see some synergy between Stormbringer and Legacy of the Frost Witch.
Sometimes those two passives overlaps each other, and there are no “stacks” of Stormstrike to be used so if Legacy is being triggered at the time when Stormbringer pops up aswel, we lose 1 SS swing at this point that could trigger another one per say.
Is this could be resolved in any way?

the way to go in 10.1 is run the phys build with tier 2 - 4 set piece, 30% increased damage every 45 seconds will be pretty insane, pair it with wolves, LoTFW and Phys modifeirs will start getting silly (why is Blizzard constantly giving classes stacking modifiers?) WF is going to be critting for like 30k (x3) pair that with the Thorims changes and it’s going to be insane burst (sometimes we already have insane burst if you run Thorims and the casino pays out) so It’ll be full glass cannon, ditch the healing spells, take Burrow as the defensive and hope you can blow something up before you die.

Ye amazing, Completely unbalanced. The dmg is insane on PTR now. Cannot wait to get it nerfed as well and see each other in D tier again :slight_smile:

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