Enhancement shaman- what am I missing?

Hi all

Been playing enhancement shaman off and on since TBC and love the idea of the class. Windfury, lightening bolts all that jazz. I particularly love PvP though tend to lean towards random battlegrounds and world PvP rather than rated.

My question is: how do you get enhancement to work in PVP.

Pretty much every class in melee of roughly equal gear I come across seems to exceed me and be able to splat me across the floor? There also seems to be a bit of an imbalance between the effort required and the amount of damage done compared to other classes, but that may be just a perception thing…

Fury warriors just turn me to paste (and somehow usually outheal me??), retri paladins stun me to death most of the time while dealing huge crits, let’s not even talk about druids and rogues which I might as well just bend over and kiss my own backside goodbye. Demon hunters I’m not sure about tbh,nor survival hunters. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a monk so…

I’m not the best player, by far, but I have the rotation down, I’m fully geared with PvP gear (85k health) and slowly doing mythics to get more gear and build up. I understand the mechanics but just don’t seem to be doing the damage I need to take down other players.

I’m seeing warriors crit me for 16k whereas the only thing I have that gets close to that is chain harvest with a CD. Everything else is really low damage (maybe up to 6/7k on crits?) I understand if we are meant to cause smaller amounts of damage overtime, but we just don’t seem to be able to “last it out” till the point where I can kill someone?

I appreciate im probably just crap but any guidance would be appreciated.

I’ve mixed it up with elemental and resto to great effect but enhancement just seems lacking?


Just realised I was logged as a different character- I’m the OP shammie in question!

Let’s say enhance is more of an anti caster spec.

Enhance will basically lose vs every single melee out there. You cannot prolong the fight long enough that you could outsustain the enemy as you cannot kite other melees at all because enhance also has the worst mobility out of all (maybe ret is on par lol)

Unfortunately the dmg enhance can dish out (burst) is very low compared to all the other melees.

It also doesn’t help that basically all melees (except ret) have MS effects which lowers your “defense” by 25-40% at all times.

all melees also have a 4-6s stun and enhance doesn’t they get free dmg as well. 6s are also more than enough to kill someone in trashlands.

sadly enhance also doesn’t have an MS effect so you will have terrible times against anything that heals (so basically every melee class again)

against caster you MAY have a better time as you are disruptive, they tend to not have MS effects, you can line their dmg and heal up. And yet you will still get clapped by:
warlocks (affli / demo)

the only things I beat regularly are (if not played like sweaty neckbeards running around pillar:
Hunters (except survival)
Ele shamans

killing those usually also take like a year and a half because they can kite you easily and heal up as well.

at this point I don’t even know anymore what enhance is supposed to do.
Chain harvest indeed can crit 20k while crushing blow hits for 15k and is spamable.
The biggest crit I ever had was a 35k ele blast which was with 4 fire wolves up lol

sustained dmg without MS is just so worthless.
And yes you cannot last anyone out because our heals are nerfed to the bottom and with MS you cannot outheal anything anymore (+ you are oom after 4 heals anyways)

don’t get me started on all the cheese that can delete you while you cannot even do anything.
sepsis will just kill you in the opener and you cannot outheal or dispel it
sickle of the lion popped in the opener is just enough to 100-0 you with feral frenzy and you are not able to outheal it either
etc. etc.

enhance only works in 3s maybe with turbo or a windwalker (hoping to delete people). I also don’t know why you wouldn’t just replace enhance in those comps with literally anything else unless you play against casters all day.


We just bite the pillow and pretend we play enha because it takes skill :sweat:

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DF waiting room for Enh… Funny thing is how people cry when enhance is “decent” but mongo fury, havoc dh, and sub/outlaw are tacitly accepted. At least the Shamy tree as a whole looks really nice for DF. They even fixed this retarded fail design for Ele and Enh that they had no water shield so only resto had access to a “MS”, although all shaman specs have the unleash shield PvP-Talent.^^

I have to admit, Im glad I’m not the only one having issues with enhancement!

Hopefully DF will bring us up to speed; in the interim im gonna switch to elemental and resto and bide my time…

very unlikely.

the only positive i see that could provide some kill pressure would be rng ascendance procs.

doom winds is even more gargabe than it is now. stormstrike will still do no dmg, the only hope left is massive 10 stack ele blast at this point.

i do like the overall trees, especially thunderstorm knockup or lasso but we still have 0 def after trashing or healing inevitable.

without ms effect, enhance dmg is still very much worthless.

unleash shiled if have water shield, only works together with lightning shield root, otherwise just walk out of ms since we do not have a useful lockdown

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Finally got Doomwinds which does help, but I don’t feel like we should boil down to a 12 second buff every minute to make us viable and manage to outfight an equally geared… anything?

Definitely need more survivability.

Also to hell with paladins.

What does MS mean?

There also seems to be a bit of an imbalance between the effort required and the amount of damage done compared to other classes, but that may be just a perception thing…

It has always been this way with Enhancement in PVP.
You basically had to outplay everyone in arenas using every trick in your spellbook / trinkets etc. Enh Shaman in PVP (even raiding <Cata, dunno about after.) was ridiculous - the amount of effort you had to put into your screen just to keep up your DPS with the rogues in the raid was crazy while they just facerolled the keyboard and topped the boards - and then whined when you used your DKP to take ‘their’ loot.

I digress…

I’m just coming back recently and sad to hear things are still just as bad for us in PVP.

Paladins have always basically been Shamanbanes, they’re impossible for us to bring down with their plate and healing and stuns.

Really can’t add more to this.
Bound to turbo.
Missing burst / tuning.
In need of a stun + mortal strike.

Having this would open so much in terms of comps. Also would make us viable in 2v2 as enha/heal.


pop wolfs and run


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