Enhancement spec bonuses

this is why it shouldn’t be a public vote, insane takes


This is why no matter what he may think, the majority think otherwise. S3 is winning by a large margin.

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I’ve been playing elementalist Enhancement since season 2 of Shadowlands, and it’s by far the longest I’ve ever stuck with a single spec. When they added the covenant legendaries I was over the moon. I can’t speak for others, but as far as I’m concerned, Primordial Wave go brrr, and any tier set that makes it go brrr harder has my vote. I can’t wait to see how it pairs with the Neltharion trinket from Aberrus.

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Don’t have your hopes up. The trinket procs on ppm to give the stack that is consumed. That means that at max we will have 0-2 stacks each wolves.

On the topic, excluding the talk of elementalist vs storm, the S3 tier set is the best designed and the only one I will be sad to see go.

On the other hand I hope it is introduced as a way as a hero talent to preserve the playstyle (making our dmg profile a 24 sec cycle with good ST, Cleave, AND Funnel).

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The reason i voted for the season 3 is two fold.

  1. the season 2 which i liked being storm subspec had the 4set bonus nerfed for single target storm

" It grants different 3 separate buffs that increase the damage of various parts of our toolkit, and even has an impact the Elementalist single target rotation, but in Patch 10.1.5 no longer influences the Storm one. In AoE, it’s simply a big extra burst cooldown that layers on top of other tools we have."

  1. i am kinda old and it is a pain to completely relearn your dps rotation as i dont play often , so it takes too much time to relearn. I really cursed all day and night when i had to learn elementalist again after season 2…I really liked storm but cba to relearn it :stuck_out_tongue:

3) Hopefully season 4 will be even easier and i dont really see as important a change for this to happen…

Ok yes but you realize if we go that way we wont have any huge bursts like other classes, i kinda dont like that that we are less bursty. I know what you are gonna say… i want it all, burst dmg , top dps and sustained single dps damage… oh well enhancement is my love , i want everything for and from it :stuck_out_tongue:

We got less burst but it is WAY more consistent. Like, other classes will burst with BL and everything on big packs 6-800k or even 1m, and then we are at 4-600k. But then we pull the next pack and we are still at 3-400k while others are doing close to 200-300k without cds.

We have less burst, but way more often, way more controlled, and way better funnel. In my book this is close to perfect.

The second perfect thing would be to introduce more damage on WF weapon and doomwinds, to bring back the SL season 1 playstyle (Heavy burst each doomwinds cycle that is uncapped). For all intents and purposes, this should be the storm build, and not the rng SS spam we had in s2 (not that it was not fun for one season, but SL s1 was WAY better with the control of your dmg).


I know i know … but i dont know if i like it, i never considered the enhancement shaman a "good person who does reliable steady dps " hehehe

About WF and doomwinds , i really agree, enhancement shaman was all about Windfury, in it’s current state it is not really noticeable (in elites/ big hp enemies) . Would be nice to make it work differently , although i feel the windfury died with dual wielding :confused:


Most people usually means themselves.

I liked all 3 sets personally, but s3 is just better. After that, s1, then season 2, but s2 is significantly worse than the other 2.


Season 3 bonuses I think are far superior to any other ONLY in PvE, as this can be seen on Mythic+ or Raids compared to some other specs. In PvP however, season 2 was far better than curremt season. Enhancement is already having problems with defensives and damage itself when it comes to PvP.
What I cannot understand still is, why in the hell Primodial Wave is in EVERY Shaman spec talent tree instead of being in a Class Talent tree?
Can we have it moved over there, and Enh get something new instead? Primodial Wave in general is a bad desing for Enhancement to be carried over from Shadowlands, it was good back then, but now it feels out of place.
Something tied with haste, like haste will also increase dmg from windfury, but then Forceful winds have to go obviously

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Ok, so another set without touching the enh shamman, as people still want to play primordial garbage.


Well many of us like the storm subspec ONLY because it reminds us the spam mode from other expansions and it seems closer to the essence of enhancement shaman (windfury.,. doomwinds etc). That doesn’t mean it is optimal for every encounter as is the elementalist subspec.

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fear not we PvE’ers have your back currently at 61% for S3tier so i guess youll be fine.

Personally i like this poll idea very much. Gives me some input into what ill play in season 4 which is imo better then risking getting a new set i might not enjoy.

I would prefer the season 1 set; it improves playability with both elementalist and storm builds. Even the season 3 set could, if only it also interacted with Ascendance in addition to Primordial wave…


I can understand people like the storm build, because is was easy, lazy and comfortable, but ultimately it boils down to nothing more than boredom, because it doesn’t want you to spend the MS, just spam SS. Having procs at the worst times are just add to this.

Instead of this kind of vote, they could have been stir up things a little bit more, and combine set bonuses across sets, or even add more slot, to slap on a 6p bonus, or god forbid let people individually choose their bonuses even between encounters.

Sigh. Seems like we’ll be stuck with elementalist. It does its job but it’s so boring to play compared to storm.


You meant, storm is boring compared to elementalist right ?

Can we make everything simpler and have all 3 sets to choose from in the game? So people would choose what suit them best and use it in PvP or PvE? If there is any concernes about mix and matching different seasons set bonuses, simply just turn off a possibility to have bonuses from different tier sets.
Although, I dont think it would be all thata bad, as usually that 2nd bonus is much more powerful than the 1st one so it should be alright, and get more hybrid build possibilities.

Honestly thats what I thought is going to happen, we will have all available, and player will choose best for their playstyle. And in PvP would give you even more variety in spec representation on what poeple liked to play, and each match would be even more different.

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No. It’s pretty clear what I meant.


yeah Storm is pretty boring.