Enjoy bg ques horde scum!

Cant wait for the tables to turn when Alliance is havinga great time with instant BG ques and hordes will shed tears on the forum every day over bg ques! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And you will have no one to gank besides a few low lvls cus all allies are in cities with short ques! This is what happens when u brainlessly gank 1v40 24/7 in phase 2, blame yourselves! Get rekt

Nope we gonna have instapop bye

Horde players sucks very hard on this server, they are unable to play unless lvl 60vs48.

I will see you in Bg with (almost) even fields

And yes, for every 4 bg we gonna do you will do one.

Enjoy the queue guys.

True story (actually true)

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