Epic BG's on alliance side is a joke.Especially Wintergrasp

I had a break for more than a year now and i came back. So i started to play bgs,because i wanna get weapon for 500 conquest points and the best way to earn conquest is by doing bgs and bg quests i started to play bg’s.So past 2 days i have played about 25 games of which i won 2 or maybe 3 games ? And what i noticed,that people in epic bgs simply are clueless,they have no idea what to do,where to go,they simply run in the middle of map and starting the fight with no reason.Meanwhile hordies taking objectives and simply winning the game.AV is the only epic game i saw alliance doing ok.Wintergrasp always starts with attack from alliance side,hordies having 16 vehicles,no one knows,what workshops is made for,no one knows about the ranks and how to get them in order to make all vehicles from workshop,no one knows,that each captured workshop adds 4 more vehicles u can craft.They have no idea,what for are those 3 towers,who reduces the battle timer for allince when destroyed.No one deffending them and no one knows,that u must attack castle walls to capture orb.I havent won a single Alterac Valey form 6 games and ofc not a single one wintergrasp. Also on horde side,there is always healers,in 10 man raid 2-3 and in the bigger groups even 5-8,we had a group of 25 ppl in AV with 1 healer !!! It is a 100% lose,it is instant lose… We need tutorials for new players,in-game tutorials when people reach max level,where they must do every step of the battle and of each different bg and must complete 3 tutorial games in order to join the real battleground. It is not a pvp on alliance side,it is alliance massacre and it is insanely annoying to play whole day long and lose every single bg u enter… Alliance missing information about bgs and alliance missing healers !!!

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