Epic fail, millions of subscibers still cheap out on servers

33 mins in still can’t connect! Worse… launch… EVER!

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This is a joke every time there is an expansion the server goes down, case of take your money and run. Blizz at its best again

well, no one can enter at level 22 so i guess…

Lol obviously not my main

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tbh. its not the worst, its about on par with every other laucnh.

50% of players get a Smooth Experience
50% of players get caught in the burning Sh*tshow.

18 years later, same issue

lvl 60, happy now?

not in a Long short.

u ignore once upon a time, the game went down for Many many hours before a Launch and People waited Different wait times based on how fast they could install the new expansion.

After that, the game had completely Seperate launchs where NA got the expansion before EU.

the game has gone up massively since its Old days, where capable of switching a expansion on world wide with everyone inside the game already. not the same issues at all. Because blizzard have continued to push forward the capability they reached.

if blizzard stayed on the old measure, we prolly would have smoother launchs as it’d fix, but for aslong as they keep the game updated to the max with each hurdle jumped ya the problems will happen.

Sorry i don’t have time to read a book right now, i just got in

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