Epidemic swap with Unholy Blight, why tho?

Am I the only one who feels like this is a lazy way to just decrease 1 talent point for UDK… Like its not game breaking, but who sat down, took a crack pipe hit and was like, a ye mate, lets swap these bad boys up. I find it stupid as hell, changes nothing for PvE, and for PvP just steals a point (or just lose out the ability favoring something else).


It does change stuff for PvE as we can now run a more aoe-focused setup without sacrificing an absolute ton of single target


Still, absolutely vile change for PvPers.


Literally not needed change, if only they are planning to nerf something more for UhDK

Yes… awful for PvP. I dont want Epidemic, not sure where I can scavenge another talent point ngl.


This change is awful for pvp! You can’t take the point you lose out of anything. Plz blizzard just make epidemic baseline. I beg you


I would prefer if epidemic was baseline, then somewhere strategically placed down the tree, there are talents to improve on it.

That being said, as a person who prioritises raiding, I think the swap is great. Means we can get a bigger cleave without spending 2 talents on the left side of the tree.

I understand that this is not ideal for pvp, seems like their priority always has been to make things work for pve first.

More changes have showed up that are making things interesting so let’s see where this is going.

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