EPL herb bots

So there happens to be a bot in EPL 24/7 called Destdash a lvl 60 Male Human Rogue. He’s always on the same route farming Plaguebloom and is just very clearly a bot, if you were to see him he would move on a sharp pivot, never interact with people, never attack players, if he were ever dazed he would instantly pop slice and dice and kill the mob, get back on his mount and continue to farm Plaguebloom. I’ve reported him over 20 times by now and he’s just not been banned. I do know for a fact that it is a normal player because whenever it’s the usual raid time for people, he logs off until it’s not the normal raid time. Rather suspicious if you ask me. I’d love for him to be banned because damn, botting is not fun whatsoever and taking all my plants so I don’t make any money. I’m sick of it please just get rid of him blizz D:<

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I have no idea how it’s possible that this bot has been running around for months if not half a year. I know Blizzard is pretty lazy on, well everything, but at least when you get 100 reports on a guy investigate him and ban would be reasonable.

I hate it, everytime the bot’s main is on (meaning the bot isn’t on) which is the common raid times, I am able to make quite a bit of money from herbing but every other time I don’t get a single herb because he’s always on the most optimized route, it’s just really not fair and really unfun, there is no fun when you have the max amount of money I don’t get it

It isn’t just in EPL, there are 5 Horde bots in Azshara named Absentik, Syhere, Gurzy, Lechutya and Karrambo which are killing the Naga in the area to get Golden Pearls. Then someone has seen a bot in Silithus going for Arcane Crystals, named Iamtyrone.
I’ve done a good amount of reports on those bots, yet same issue remains. Blizzard is not doing anything. I could go to Blackrock Depths and catch at least 10 Rogue Bots doing Arena Picklocket farming, and they would still be there after multiple reports.

TL:DR, I really want people that read this thread to start reporting those bots, it is for the better of the economy of the server.

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These botters probably aren’t about getting the max amount of gold for themselves, they are probably RMT (Real Money Trading) the gold away too. There’s only so much classic gold can buy you after all.

Still against TOS, and those bots have been doing it for weeks, if not months.

I’d say doubly against TOS (botting + RMT). I never defended botting, but when I reported an obvious bot about half a year ago (Destdash), I feel pretty hopeless that he is still walking around. I have 0 confidence anything will get Activision-Blizzard to ban these bots now or anytime in the future. So all we’re doing here is complaining basically :slight_smile:

I herb in EPL quite often and usually see this guy about. I normally let him be but will start collecting the free hk’s, he doesn’t seem to release after being killed so it might help a bit.


We may be on different factions but I have a lot of respect for you for helping the servers economy <3

I’m innocently new to this game and still haven’t figured out how some things work, but… if Blizzard doesn’t do anything about those bots, can it be done by players themselves? Like, arrange groups for constant hunting and corpse-camping those bots for some consistent time. Will that even work, is there such experience?
(A funny fact meanwhile. I’ve been once reported to be a bot only because one player saw me rp-walking while killing crocolisks in Swamps of Sorrow. That i was also wearing low-stats rp-gear somehow was missed by that player who probably had never experienced what some would call “ic-leveling” XD)

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I won’t drop any names until I’m certain but there are least three bots that patrol Felwood most nights as well. Reporting them seemingly does nothing and making an actual ticket just results in a GM brushing you off with a copy and pasted reply, one rogue in particular has been botting there for months.

The only thing we could really do is arrange something with the Horde discord so we can actively gank these people when we see them. Blizzard don’t care and they haven’t for a -very- long time.

I really like this idea of having to contact and work with the horde to 1, get them to get rid of our bots and in return, we can get rid of their bots to hopefully help the market of our realm and also the reputation of Blizzard

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