Equilibrium looking for raiders

We are a Horde raiding guild, semi-hardcore. While we do expect people to come prepared, buffed and attend as much as possible, we also accept that people have obligations outside of playing video games.

What do we offer?

• Well organized raids trough all content
• Molten Core, Onyxia and Blackwing Lair are cleared.
• Discord for all guild communications, raids and streams
• Loot Council based on class/spec prio, attendance, upgrades and more
• Stable guild structure with officers, class leaders, core and casual raiders

When do we raid?

• Monday 20:00
• Thursday 20:00
• ZG & Ony random days

What are we mostly looking for?

• Warrior Fury/Prot Tank (1)
• Warrior DPS (2)
• Resto Druid (1)
• Resto Shaman (1)
• Mage (2)

Other classes are welcome to apply too if you’re an experienced, motivated good player.

We want mature players that are willing to improve themselves and their guild mates. We work on performance using tools like warcraft logs. Not to race, but to improve.

There is no room for drama but we have plenty room for open discussions, suggestions and questions.

Does this feel like what you are looking for? Then send us a message in world, or join our discord for further information

Hey, strongly recomend post an ad on different realms forum/discord. It is hard to recruit new members on small server when most ppl have their home. And there is some dissatisfaction on full/locked servers about layering, queues, and probably lag on upcoming aq event. So Ten storm is free from these things and you might pick some new players from there. Good luck anyway :slight_smile:

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