Error 132 upon entering Quest Scenario portals

Destination: Unknown and Return of the Light (priest Campaign Scenario Holy). The system craches and sometimes gives the code 132 fatal error upon entering the gateway or portal. All steps have been followed from the article provided by Blizzard support. I have an open ticket about this issue, yet no solutions have been provided.

Alienware/Dell support has reported that I am up to date with all drivers and I have no corrupted files from any scan that was run. I have re installed WoW and have wiped and re installed my harddrive and I do not use addons in WoW or other.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Edit: I noticed the post by Templer and the comments there. This should be moved under his post, that way it is all collected into one thread.

Yep I just encountered the same error with my priest. Can’t finish Return of the light and get holy artifact. I saw in wowhead under the “Crossing Legion Lines” comment section that many people have problems entering portals. And all comments are “fresh”.

I’m having the same issue with ‘Rescue Mission’ questline. I tried all the solutions that given in similar topics but nothing worked. Hope they’ll fix it soon.

Same here, i started a warlock Campaign quest “The New Blood” and when scenario begins game crashing on loading screen with error 132

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