Error 132 with various process ID's

I keep experiencing error 132 crashes when in game on Wotlk Classic, this is happening quite randomly. I have made sure all my drivers are up to date and when playing with no addons running I am still getting the same problem. Report 80E3CB0A-3765-4514-931D-45079C9ADD1F.

What else can I do to find out what is causing this? My PC is a brand new build with RTX3070 and 64gb Ram and should have no issues with Wotlk Classic. Any advice?

Hey Hampó, from checking your error and code that’s linked to a memory issue.

You’ll need to check for overheating, broken memory modules, overclocking, memory tuning as well as conflicting applications causing that. You can do the steps here, disable any overclocking you have including memory tuning and then memory test your system too.

If the issue remains after that you can report this by ticket and provide your system’s report files.

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