Error: BLZ51900057


I’ve been on a bit of a break from game and my WoW game is now lock. I can log in to Blizzard website OK and I can reset my password and I added a authentication token for extra security. I also start using a VPN tunnel for make my internet safer. But when I try log on to WoW I get message BLZ51900057.

I look up the error and it say for BLZ51900057 I need to go here: to battlenet and do /account/recovery/en-us/?requestType=PASSWORD_RESET

I do this and it tell me it sends email to unlock account. I put in the correct code it send me and it tell me with big green tick " Your Account Is Now Unlocked! You can now access your Blizzard Account." but when I look on games it say account status is still lock.

I have change password and do this unlock and add authenticate token but still nothing work.

Please can anyone help me?

(Grelier) #2

VPN by itself is not more secure than connection without it. In many cases it can be more insecure, either because the user does not know to use them securely or the VPN provider is not secure and fully trusted.

From the description it looks like you are using both the normal connection and VPN so to Blizzard it will look like you are connecting from two different locations in almost same time. So Blizzard smartly locks your account.

Either use the trusted VPN properly or don’t use VPN at all if you don’t know how to use them.

(Dottie) #3

I would say don’t use the VPN when playing the game. After all, your connection may look like it’s bouncing around the world, the only reason I can see for using one is if you are in an embargoed country.


Hey Nephyr,

Please contact support directly to have your locked World of Warcraft account looked into.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!