<Error Code> new 2D/CE guild with WR 30 xp, LFM

**Are you a disenfranchised ex-hardcore raider?
Do you cba with rtarded, pretentious guilds that overtime just to fail at killing bosses anyway?
Do you hope for a new home lead by people similar to you?

From a GM and RL of Black Legion and Draama (or for rtards, WR30-100) comes to you , 2 days a week, CE guild in forming for War Within.
Why for next xpac?
Glad you asked Jimmy.
Creating a good guild takes time and Dragonflight sucks butt (blizz forced me to change the word here) . We will throw out some casual raids to get people’s legendary and alike but I’m not planning on making proper prog raids with a scuffed team.

Discord: mrivar
Bnet: Ivar#21250**