Eternal Flux Illusion

Most cringe duelist ilussion of all time?

or s2 was worse?


I think it looks alright. Not every enchant needs to drown the weapon in a pool of dense glowy paint.


Easily the worst 2.1 illusion and possibly the worst in the whole game!


Debatable. I have season 2 one and while it doesnt look like its the worst, when you try to apply it on your weapon it glows in wrong spot, the texture is all over the place. Like for example instead of the blade it glows on the handle, which all shadowlands enchants seem to have.

Honestly s2 looks like default covenant ilussion, s1 better, but could be better, s3 is bugged. So they considered all of the previous things and did a one that hard to see at all kekw


I agree with the “Not every enchant needs to drown the weapon in a pool of dense glowy paint” take. It’s very subtle, nothing amazing, but defo better than S2… I have yet to find a weapon that looks good with Unchained Fury.

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I kinda like it, this season mogs orb kinda look weird on most weapons so a orbless version is nice.

TBC s1 dagger is nice with it, using that rn

Think the new one looks pretty nice as well

I had to watch the video twice to find the enchant. I thought its just a troll post without the enchant.


can barely see anything lmao.


Ye, looks decent, but even with that one there’s better enchants for it, at least imo.

i want a glow bright enough to invoke
the envy of other nerds as i pretend to be afk in oribos and desperately seek self validation :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:


this is cool

and yes they do

Don’t see anything on some weapon, same issue with all sl enchant tbh for some reason very few weapon are good with and the majority got the enchant at the wrong place :s

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:rofl::rofl: AH Tomes are 100% better

Wow… i wish they would bring those fat juicy ones back tbh. Illusionwise that is. Nothing else…

where illusion

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uh where fun

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This enchant is so troll blizzard

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yes still waiting for it to be fixed. need look like glorious tyranny