<Eternal Struggle> recruiting


Vanilla players created a guild based on friendships. Friends of friends recruiting more friends and making new friends expanding our community and fun in the game.
Most of us are of 30-40+ age with jobs and families, who joined classic to refresh vanilla memories. We have players who used to be in top pve guilds, rank14 pvpers and others who struggled finding a place in vanilla’s paradise and are ready to experience the max out of classic!

Most of us are from Greece but we are an international guild having members from Finland, Norway, UK, Luxemburg, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Lithuania, Lebanon. (We would love to expand the list!)

We intend to raid twice a week for now. We accept all lvls and all classes and all styles of playing (both nonlivers and casual players), making sure all are able to achieve goals and have fun.

PvPers are very welcomed and we plan to host pvp raids since honor system is on!

Feel free to /w me or any of our members in game for more info!


Nomen est omen?


We decided to merge with thethe guild “Goibon uden lo” .