<Eternity> Recruting for 8.1& next Raid Tier

(Fdi) #1

Hello everyone! The Eternity guild reopend his doors for fresh blood for 8.1

A bit about the guild:

The guild was created on August 04 2018, so we are relatively new kids on the block.
As a new guild and new raid team we managed to get in progress up till 8/8 N, 8/8 HC, 2/8 M. Ouer priority was to get the teamwork running, so we dident push higher. December came , and since holiday season starting, we decided to stop progress raiding, cuz last month of the year is always hectic whit work and family. So we ar going in a more social till next tier, we will still run HC when we can, and in the mean time recruit for new members to bolster up the rooster.


Progress Raiders:
9/9N 3/9Hc
For progress raiding we ar looking for experienced raiders so that we can go in to finish Mythic difficulty .
RDPS (Warlocks,Mages,Balance Druid,Hunter,Spriest)
MDPS (Rogue,Warrior,Dh,Monk)
Healer 1 (Priest)
Tanks 1(DK,Warrior,Paladin,Druid)
For every boss the Raid Leader picks out the needed setup for progress priority,so we don’t have set positions in raid, we take in account activity, and performance to. For the purpose of finishing Mythic we have a competitive atmosfear made for team, cuz we want to push for ranks to. For recruitment we ar in need of logs, for progress raid team.

Raid days/time:
We progress raid 3 times / week coming 8.1
Wednesday 21:00 - 00:00 ST
Thursday 21:00 - 00:00 ST
Monday 21:00 - 00:00 ST

Casual/Social Raiders:
We at looking for laid back ppl for weekend raiding more casually/socialy. Weekend raids we use as farm days for core team to. The raid difficulty is always 1 level lower then Progress teams level. Once progress team ends progress in mythic an starts farm raiding mythic we open it up for socials to.

Raid days/time:
We run it 2 times/week, and if we finish it in 1 night we will run another more lower difficulty one to.
Saturday 21:00 - 00:00
Sunday 21:00 - 00:00

Mythic +:
We don’t have set days for mythic + push, we run them wen we get on. We have in plans to build multiple teams who plan to push high keys, and social runs of mythic +, for ppl who want to take it more socially.
We recruit all specs and classes for mythic +.

We ar opening the pvp part of the guild to for Arenas, and Rbg’s. For high rating push we at looking for experienced pvp players, we take in more social pvp players to.
For PvP we recruit all specs and classes.

We like to have funn , banter, chat most of the time,and use discord when we are free so we take in social/ casual players to new or old, leveling players or max ones. We run events, transmog runs, time walking events on the side.

Discord is mandatory for all aspects of the guild! Since websites are a thing of the past, we decided to integrate it in to ouer discord server, so we have a really big discord.

To contact for more information plz contact:
In-game: Fdi; Discord: FDi#1534; B-net: FDI#21926;


Still looking for more roles! Don’t be afraid to apply!

You can also apply to me
Bnet: HarryHipster#2730
Discord: HarryHipster#3576

(Fdi) #3

Come and join the funn with us


Got a few spots left!

(Fdi) #5

Mainly for the raid team only rdps spots open, but we will consider all


still looking for raiders

(Fdi) #7

Come and join the family


come to the dark side, we have cookies !

(Fdi) #9

For raid team nr1 priority are TANKS


Still got a few spots left! Don’t be afraid too contact us!

(Fdi) #11

Still got few dps spots oppen


we are looking for rdps, in particular warlock, balance druid, priest shadow and mage

(Fdi) #13

Add updated to what we are looking for, to make a higher rooster.

Boomkin 4/8M LF Guild
373 Ret Looking for guild

Hello! Are you still looking for players?

(Fdi) #15

Yes we do, few more


We are still actively recruiting!


Mdps is currently closed.
Everything else is still open

(Fdi) #18

Updated the raid needed members, so come and join us


Recruitment is still open, apply via the appropriate channels, or add me on bnet:


(Fdi) #20

Updated recruitment for raid team. Come and join us