[EU][A or H] new player looking for guild

Hi i’m pretty new to the game and looking for a new player friendly guild. I’ve played a bit on boosted characters but i want a fresh start and properly learn my class. I’m just looking for someone to teach/mentor me because the game can be overwhelming when starting fresh.

Discord: Tim94#3437

Hey there i run a guild on Silvermoon - Alliance. We are a newly formed guild but we would love to help you learn the game! I also run a guild on Twisting Nether- Horde if you want to dabble in both :slight_smile:
Send me a message on bnet and we can chat! - ackersass#2322

Hey if you are looking for a fresh start. At emerald dream we “legacy of the fallen” have a nice social guild who do m+ dungeons on our mains but recently started with some alts aswell due some new players. This is under the lead of myself (officer from the guild) so if youbare interested add me on battlenet Ragnor#21272 or discord >Hades#4124

Hey Fogur

Maybe this might be something for you since we kind of are restarting with our Guild Anyone can join our Guild we do not have any level or game knowledge requirements.

Also send you a friend request on Discord if you like to have a chat :wink:
Btag btw is Zether#2261