EU - Ashbringer - <PRIMAL> (A)

Alliance - EU - Ashbringer

About Us

[We are a semi-hardcore guild led by allround experienced players that have cleared all of Vanilla content on multiple private servers. We have the knowledge and knowhow to guide any players that are new to Vanilla to successfully clearing content, whether it's Molten Core or Naxxramas, we will provide the tools to make it an enjoyable experience within a close knit community.]

What can you expect from us?

[A team reborn from the private scene, everyone in the guild leadership has full experience both progressing through new content as well as optimizing clear times for raid content that is on farm. We will guide every player towards successfully clearing raids in an efficient way with modern strategies. You can count on active leadership who will provide you with the feedback to shatter your limits.]


[There are plenty within the guild with a keen interest in PvP and the intention to rank competitively, dedicated premade evenings to be confirmed.]

What do we expect from you?

[Attendance - Sunday is our primary raid day and we expect close to 100% attendance. 

Feedback - Being able to handle constructive criticism with a view to improving our collective performance

Teamwork - Help eachother, we are a team of friends first and foremost. 

Dedication - Consistency 

Consideration - We are an inclusive guild.]

Loot Distribution

[<PRIMAL> run a loot council system based on attendance, previous loot and performance.]

Raid Schedule

[WED - 21ST - 23ST - Flex raid, Ony 20/20
SUN - 21ST - 23ST - Main raid, MC then Ony 20/20]


[If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a message (Terrent#3674) or hop in our discord and contact any of the leadership team.

Rogue - Open
Mage - Open
Druid - Open 

Although exceptional players from any class will be considered.

Thank you!]

We’re looking for rogues, druids and mages specifically but Socials / Levelers or exceptional players are always welcome aswell!

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