EU <Game Of Crohns< Doomhammer/Turalyon

The Guild “Game of Crohns” was formed in June 2021 by a Scottish veteran of both the military and World of Warcraft. This individual, who shares a passion for the TV show Game of Thrones, also suffers from a health condition known as Crohn’s Disease. Motivated by their experiences and genuine love for community, they decided to bring together their knowledge and enthusiasm to create this guild.

Our guild comprises a diverse mix of new and veteran players. Our primary focus is fostering a community where members collaborate effectively to achieve maximum progress for all, within a friendly, competitive, and healthy atmosphere. We aim to enjoy all aspects of the game and anticipate sharing our love and excitement with every member.

We are currently recruiting players to join our raid team. DPS is our top priority but all roles will be considered.

please ask for more information

Hi what time so yee raid around

We raid Wednesday and Thursday from 1930-2230 server time