[EU] [H] Pretentious Latin Name** - Tarren Mill LF All casual and active members

Pretentious Latin Name (**SOON TO BE <I’m Not Crying>) on Tarren Mill-EU HORDE is recruiting all casual and semi hardcore players to push keys and to eventually form a raiding group.

We currently have the need for a Tank and a mix of all dps. Wouldn’t say no to an extra healer too.

Raid and M+ Progress:
Most of us have cleared at least 12/12N and a few of us have 12/12H. We are looking for semi hardcore and casual players to push as many into HC and try out Mythic raiding before Shadowlands Hits.

We push keys when we can as a group and are always willing to help out newer characters on the road to +15s. Most of us are at roughly about +12 to +15 but dont mind lower IO scores as help is always available if needed.

We don’t mind teaching, and we don’t mind learning, so please don’t be discouraged.

Raid days/times:
Thursday and Sunday 8pm to 11pm Server time

As explained we do a lot a stuff in groups outside of raiding too such as Keys, Legacy raids for transmog, dailies etc. We are aiming to get a consistent raiding team together to push as much as we can before Shadowlands hits and even after it hits too.

Looking primarily for a Tank and a mix of everything else

My BTAG is Dual#2234 and our GM’s is Helbrecht#2314 - these can be used to contact us in game. Feel free to message me on here too if there are any questions. Thanks

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