[EU][UK][A] <Enigma Gaming>. Social, Levelling and Learning guild - Bored of playing alone or sitting through dungeons in awkward silence? New the game? Just want to play at your pace but enjoy socialising? Join us!


[EU][UK][A][Chamber of Aspects] We’re a newly formed casual, social and levelling guild who are primarily aiming to build a community of people who want to just play the game and enjoy good company. Play, Learn, Have a laugh without pressure.

As the title suggests - we’ve just formed, so are 0/0 on everything, don’t have all the neato-burrito perks of a level 25 guild however what we do have is the vision to create a community of friendly people who either want fit into the following profiles;

  • New to the game and/or feel anxious about joining a larger, more established guild.
  • Want to spend their time in-game pottering about, doing whatever they want but have people to chat to.
  • Filling a stop-gap between now and classic but still want to do group activities.
  • Want to learn from more experienced players and have the confidence to ask questions without being made to feel an idiot.
  • Want to do/learn Heroic/Mythic/Raiding with a less intense community of players.

Fully aware there are probably a huge list of ’ casual ’ guilds however we truly want to stick to our ethos instead of being " casual" but disregard anyone who isn’t interested in raiding as the end goal.

If you want to be part of this vision and build something from the ground up, or just want to hang out whilst playing feel free to contact me directly here, or ingame: Kupo#2117 and get involved. No minimum level requirements.

Oh we also have a Tabard AND a Guild Bank. That’s still a thing people go crazy for right? :wink:


Bump - Getting some really good interest and great players joining! Don’t be shy, come and apply!

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