[EU][A/H][Silvermoon/Draenor] <Flawless Synergy> is recruiting for RBG/PvP!

Hello everyone,

Flawless Synergy is an alliance/horde PvP guild on EU Silvermoon/Draenor.

We offer a friendly, relaxed and non-toxic environment for anyone who takes PvP content seriously, but not more seriously than being a respectful and pleasant teammate.

We are constantly looking more players who are interested in PvP and RBG especially.

We are constantly looking for:

  • Elemental shamans
  • Warlocks
  • All healers
  • Guardian Druids

Our main roster (peaked at 1950mmr) is looking for:

  • Healers (Evokers and MWs especially)
  • DK (TC)


─ Website ─


─ Contact us ─

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