[EU/A/Ravencrest] Bad Condition 6/10M LF dedicated raiders!

Hi all,

Bad Condition is a guild formed in Shadowlands with a very active and friendly group of people.

Our main shared goal is to progress mythic content with the aim of achieving Cutting edge in 9.1 and through subsequent patches. To do this we are recruiting for our raid team at the moment, reliable players of all specs will be considered but there is an emphasis on ranged DPS at the moment, also possibility of tank slots being available.

Our raid times are Wednesday and Thursday 8-11 Server time, with the possibility of a 3rd day being added in 9.1.

For further information feel free to contact myself in game or on discord Mirthrollir#3376 or also contact:

Guild Master Ichiarion : Ichiryu#4653
Officers Jayden : Jayden#9764
Naemer: Naemer#0754
Santidade : Mirthrollir#3376

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