[EU][H][Gehennas][Weekend] <Exploit> [10/10] is recruiting

Currently T5 & T4 in Farm, looking for exceptional players to bolster our ranks

Who are we?

We are a guild that was made to constantly improve and aim for speed kill records on the server. We are looking equal minded individuals to push these objectives whilst maintaining a more casual vibe within the guild.

What do we offer you:

  • A group of individuals who looks to improve from raid to raid and healthy competition;
  • A small trial duration. Given we only raid 2 days a week we also expect people to show their true colors after a couple of resets.
  • General banter. We play this game to BLAST and to have fun most of all.

What we expect from the applicant:

  • Dedication. You might not start as the best player but we expect an evolution once your comfortable within our ranks.
  • Full consumables, this is a no brainer. We are here to play the game, not to watch cutscenes.
  • Be an alpha pumper.
  • Don’t be late. we raid 2 days a week, we expect 90% attendance and no delays.
  • Have a sense of humor most important of all

We are currently looking for:

  • Priest; HIGH - Shadow
  • Paladin; LOW- Holy/Prot
  • Druid; **MEDIUM - Resto **
  • Shaman; **HIGH **
  • Rogue; NONE
  • Warrior; LOW - Fury
  • Hunter; HIGH
  • Warlock ; LOW
  • Mage; MEDIUM

Loot rules will consist of a whatsmybis tracking alongside a LC (consisting of an odd number of Officers and a rotating pair of raiders);

Our raid times are Saturday and Sunday starting at 15:00 ST

If you are interested and would like to know more please DM me for more information!

Our discord link - https://discord.gg/PEVW6Dynpq

still looking for shamans, both resto and elemental!

Hello, I was searching for a weekend guild, I am furry warrior from zandalar tribe realm, 5/6 ssc, 2/4 Tk, know the tactics,I’m wishing to join this guild if still low on fury warrior and transfer to gehennas.

Atm looking for shamans and 1 hunter!

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