[EU][H][Ragnaros] <Execution> LF new raiders for Mythic progress!

Region: EU

Server: Ragnaros

Faction: Horde

Progress: 10/10H 2/10M

Guild: Execution

Raid Times: Thur/Sun 19:00 - 22:00 Server Time

Recruiting: DPS/Healers

Execution has been raiding since EN in Legion and are currently progressing through Castle Nathria Mythic! We are a social guild who aims to progress through Mythic and have fun at the same time. We are currently looking for new raiders to fill out our roster, specifically DPS (All specs are considered, but ranged are preferred) and Healers (All specs, but Disc would be preferred). Our current progress is 2/10M and we raid Thursday/Sunday 7PM-10PM ST. Contact an officer ingame or on Discord/BNET for more information!

Discord: Iso#8152

BNET: Iso#21437

Bumping this. We’ve downed Hungering and are currently progressing on Lady Inerva Darkvein. You can also add Thrakh#2433 on bnet or Andreas#4388 on discord.

Bumping again. We’re still recruiting! Lady Inerva went down last reset, now progressing on Kaelthas.

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