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About Eureka
Early 2009 two experienced raiders set out to form a heroic raiding team on Stormrage. Aephoric (Melbo) came from Get Geared or Wipe Tryin’, and Holykow came from Aeon, both top 4 progression guilds on Stormrage. Both played together for the entirety of Wrath of the Lich King and a new guild emerged on Al’Akir, one of the top servers in Europe. It would be a place where everybody contributed and no-one was left behind. It was here the story began…

As with every new guild, the start is always hard, and we would be no exception. Holykow was determined to pick up recruitment and Aephoric was there to build the guidelines and organisation of the guild. Both players were determined to achieve their ambitions: becoming one of the top progression guilds on the server without any elitist behavior. This meant that they weren’t only looking for high end raiders but also for new members with the right attitude and mindset, willing to follow the guilds vision without any questions asked.

One of the goals was to have a small group of top players with full focus on everything World of Warcraft had to offer and they succeeded! With the small group they gathered they started an in-guild academy, with players who had great potential but needed guidance to evolve into a high end raider. They noticed that many members wanted to get more involved in the guilds management and before they knew they had several class trainers / leaders to train potentials to become a part of the main raiding team. Quickly they became a server 2nd progression raiding guild with a great and fun community.

Now in 2021; Eureka is still going strong with raiders from 2009 but a different mindset. Their new vision is to have the perfect mix of IRL and raiding in everyones lifes. This means Eureka wants to have the best progression they can achieve, whilst maintaining limited raid hours. Eureka has always emphasised the importance of drama free, fun raids with good progression so it is important that new players need to fit into the team and share its goals.

Eureka is always interested in exceptionally skilled players of any class/spec, so even if you don’t see your class/spec open for recruitment above but feel that Eureka would be the right guild for you then don’t hesitate to send your application to us.

For more information feel free to can contact an officer in on discord with any questions you have: Aephoric#3852

Progression Sanctum of Domination
Heroic: 6/10

Normal raiding schedule
Wednesday 20:00 – 23:00 (Heroic / Mythic content)
Sunday 20:00 – 23:00 (Heroic / Mythic content)

What kind of raiders are we looking for?:

  • You want to compete with the very best guilds on the server, even though we spend less time than most guilds.
  • You prefer to kill a boss in a small amount of pulls.
  • You want to be able to maintain a good and healthy life outside of WoW.
  • You enjoy being in a friendly guild with a great raid atmosphere.
  • You are a team player that puts the guilds best interest in front of your own.
  • You are a quick learner and you always turn up prepared.

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