Even carbot is laughing at us

Umm… his most recent videos have mainly been on Diablo.

Again don’t let facts get in the way of a good rant!

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And the company has always made videos about other games, hell, I knew the guy mainly for his Diablo 1 series which was hilarious.

They played the game sure, but will ride any wave in any direction to suit how much drama they want to profit from.

Don’t get me wrong, I am known myself in the past for not being happy with Blizzard and making threads and linking videos, but change has slowly started and I remain hopeful. So right now I feel that I want to support the good staff in the company now the rest have been removed.

Should they fail? Well I will be okay it’s not the end of everything, still have the memories.


So far I have only seen negative changes, those hirings have to be assumed as more incompetent people that will make the game worse.

Small changes but I hope there will be much more to follow.

I will at least give them a chance. You are condemning them before they have even been hired :rofl:

Such as?

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no one cares about island adventures or hair styles for a race no one plays. I give them credit once parasitic design/borrowed power garbage is gone.

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Will be funny watching all these streamers them come creeping back, when their obnoxious fanbase get banned from XIV for the attitudes they display/displayed in WoW.

That is gonna be ridiculously funny.

“But…but I need some more money guys! Let me sell you some outrage, just like the old days, right?”

“No, You’re yesterdays news man…”

Who gives a -damn- what Streamers do apart from the gullible and people we don’t really need in this game. It’s going to be -very- interesting what happens when they transplant some of those people to FFXIV.

Still, I suppose their loss is Wow’s gain, so…Meh.


You don’t… many of us do.




That is great, you assume therefor and so forth it will be the case. So you don’t know anything, and the people could be very qualified and could make a better product.

If all your answers are based on assumption, well good luck too you.


Our lock was cheering like crazy on voice, reading that though. Stick to your own oppinion, i suppose. Don’t think for others.


Do you really think they will listen to someone making threads like yours?

They welcome constructive criticism and feedback in one place.

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the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, Blizzard has a track record of failure and incompetence.

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Island adventures sound like a wicked idea, I loved those, even when teamed up with random folks from other realms, Imagine being able to do a whole one as ‘the hero’, That is going to be absolutely boss. Customisations sounds good as well, good sign that they -are- starting to listen to what people want…


Carbot makes great videos for all Blizzard’s IPs. They’re not really a reflection of his own opinion, or a statement or anything like that. They’re more a way of infusing the immersive Blizzard world with the community perception or drama. Like Terran being stupid or Varian blocking 24/7 or WoW dying. He just makes cool videos that turn those points into hilarious entertainment.

Carbot is awesome.

This is evident in your threads today…


Well it is the step in the right direction :joy: at least let’s be hopefull a bit now since the old staff is gone and the new one doesant screw up.

What race are you talking about?
Can we find anyone playing the race you mean?
If you can is that then no one?

Do you have anything that can backup your claims?

Or are you talking from the position of i don’t play this race therefor i don’t care. And i don’t have other people’s problems therefor other people’s problems don’t exist.

In other words a very narrow perspective, is that the position you’re spewing nonsense from?


well, if those things are what you play for there are much better games for you out there, like ff14 which is a casual social MMO. Why are casual social players playing a game which does not care about them and offer 0 content for them?