[EVENT A-RP] Boralus Fighting Tournament

At dawn there are posters up all across the various cities of the Alliance and Kul’tiras that read as follow:


Are you a fighter looking to prove his or her mettle?
Do you want to be crowned “Champion of Boralus?”

Then join us on November 24th from 7 Bells at Proudmoore Acadamy in Boralus for


Fight for honor and riches in this One on One dueling tournament for honor and gold!

Registration starts at 7 Bells in the evening with the first round of fights starting shortly after 8 Bells!

The fighting tournament will be grand melee where you fight to earn points to find our Champion of Boralus!

1st Place: 1000 Gold Pieces
2nd Place: 500 Gold Pieces
3rd Place: 200 Gold Pieces

This event is brought to you by Varr Event Management and the City of Boralus

OOC Information:
The Grand Tournament Rule Sheet

Each person has 3 HP (Ruled as Three Body blows)

Combat Start by deciding who will attack first on a d100

First Attack will roll a d100
Frist Defense will roll a d100
Higher Roll indicates Successful Attack or Defense
Successful Attack deals 1HP in Damage
Succesful Defense means no Damage is taken

Critical Attack= 100 on the d100: Deals 2 Damage
Critical Defense= 100 on the d100: Blocks all Damage and deals 1 Damage back
Critical Attack & Defense = 100 by both players: Both attacker and defender take 1 damage

Magic is limited to effects inside the ring
No Secondaries (Pets, Combat Illusions, Elementals etc)
Blunt Weapons
Gadgets must be approved by Judges first
No Explosives
No Proper Firearm Rounds

IC and OOC Contact is Lessilu (Lessi Varr) of the Stormeagle Vanguard, since new forums don’t let me delete my own threads


I’ve had lots of fun with this, thanks for organising the event! Waiting for the second edition, now.