Every SP is begging for help

Blizzard needs to admit that SP is a broken spec this season and get to work on it, or deal with losing subscribers.

I’ve just tried the PvP 4-set and it’s an absolute joke. It’s nerfed so hard in PvP that it literally makes 0 difference.


  • Increase our Shield absorb or Flash Heal healing and reduce mana cost
  • Make Mass Dispel faster in some situations without giving it a flat cast time buff.
  • Buff self healing from VT (remember this was nerfed because of to many instant procs in s1)
  • Make Dispel Magic cost less mana baseline
  • Turn back Surge of Insanity nerf
  • Buff Mind Blast damage
  • Dial down the 4-set pvp nerf so we actually feel it
  • Make Void Eruption instant again
  • Revert the sporecloak nerf

There’s also a fundamental flaw in the game in terms of melee/caster balance. The fact that melee can gap close, magic lock and silence caster spells at will while casters have no disarm is unbelievable to me. Most melee do more damage than most casters these days so it’s a disgusting unfairness to me. I hope this will get addressed in the near future, but not getting my hopes up since it’s always the same classes that get buffed without being completely reverted to nothing, and SP definitely ain’t one of them.

Mass dispel nerf should be reverted, 2min cd is an absolute garbage, either revert it or give us a kick.

Fast MD talent was terrible but the normal cast speed is fine and easily stoppable.

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They nerfed it for some stupid reasons - because it was strong in PVE dungeons or something…

As I was expecting :confused:

But tbh I feel like being so with all the nerfs now doesn’t even worth it to play, I Mean it feels not special compared to other dps.

It was a complete hardcounter for bursting affix in m+. You could completely ignore the affix and just nuke down entire groups and then MD the 9 stacks and go on which would otherwise inevitably wipe your group.

Sp is the only caster with this unique problem of never being able to get away from melee, no matter how poorly the melee might be playing. If anything, give sp a disarm but it would be broken on any other caster.

Still, giving sp a disarm would make them very problematic whenever they are overtuned (which is quite often tbh), so it would be best to just tune the numbers up.

Your other suggestions for fixes sound fair enough, except void eruption shouldn’t be instant.

I am fine with leaving it as is, but tuning down some of the melees. This is the most immobile caster with almost no instant-dmg. At the same time, DH warr, DKs are seemingly overperforming, which makes it extra difficult for SP.

Another proposal from my sider: Ok - let’s keep it casting heavy, without affecting PvE …simply add the psyfiend baseline. It will not drastically affect the state, but surely it will help.

return of Damnation thanks.

when 4 set matters: PvP community cries that 4set shouldn’t matter in PvP

4set doesn’t matter: PvP community : : O make it useful

What a useless answer first of all. Let me kindly redirect you to facebook for this type of cringy spam.

Also, everyone wants their 4-Set to be viable of course. It just makes no sense that some are hardly noticable and some give like 20% dps increase in PvP.

Which is stupid. Bursting used to not be dispellable in the past, so IDK why they made it so now, and then instead of reverting to how it was, decided to gut priests

literally the change , even if they want it invidiually dispelable, make it so MD doesnt target it.

It is not unique, but in the case of SP it just highlights the issue of mobility for some casters.

SP is the prime example when lack of mobility puts SP as a prime target in most scenarios.
And how the overabundance of mobility of Melees leaves non mobile classes like SP outside of the fun zone.

Even with warlock mobility it is not enough against most melee. The SP situation is even worse.

Before they do anything for SP or any other spec in this game, it is time to redesign ww and give it a new identity after 10 years of pruning, which is not a bad mix of dh and warrior!

At the same time, they should nerf DH, Mage (especially frost), Rogue (remove dance from all specs!) and maybe Arms.

All SP needs is Damnation and Void Origins back. Everything else is fine.

It’s uniquely problematic for SPs, as they have only one spell school worth kicking, have to hardcast all the time, and lack means to peel for themselves (the cc is needed to score kills, not relieve pressure).

Take warlocks for comparison, they are also lower on the mobility side, but have a ridiculous toolkit and tankiness to make up for it.

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