Every week i am waiting for warrior patch notes

and nothing comes. every week i have been waiting for something for warriors for 10.1but no to avail.

it feels like warrior and especially both dps specs are the unwanted child this expansion. we dont deal enough dmg to be desirable over other classes. we dont have good utility like br or blood lust.

both other plate classes bring a battle rezz and are much more valuable than a warrior. either as tank or as dps. that means warrior has to be busted to be preferred over the other 2 classes. i will admit that was the case with prot warrior all the way halfway through DF.

there is no incentive to bring a warrior over a dk or a pala either as a tank or as a dps. we desperately need some attention


Logs dont rly show warriors doing that badly fury mid pack arms upper from that, i dont think its a case warriors dont do enough, ive invited a fair few and seen plenty top meters doing big damage.

Its more down to ur second point, of a lack of desired utility. But how do u realistically fix it?. Becsuse if u get given one monks will want one next, DKs will want one next and the list goes on.

And eventually when everyone has one we go back to square one.

And before u say “well ur a dk” im frost. And assure u we perform worse then arms warriors overall.

Dps is a over saturated role, and its about ilevel and RIO. Ontop of that if ur group has a BL. To stack considering how many are already melee in the group.

Being melee is currently more popular, then ranged, so right now yeah as a melee ur gonna get not invited. Because the queues are clogged with melee dps.

If u play the most played thing, ofcourse disirability goes out the window. On the other hand. I dont think prot warriors are struggling to get into groups. Given the wait times to find tanks i think people just feel blessed u applied.

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Same bro, i wish if they give us bl, and some rework to the arms talent tree, would love to get back bfa mastery style arms warrior mixed with shadowlands sustain dps, having 8 talents thats works only when target get to 35% is not fun and its not enjoyable. It always feels bad knowing i have to go full aoe to do something in m+. I wish if they make cleave a passive talents that make mortal strike do aoe to extra targets as long as its talented , make our aa do cleave too.
I played arms for many years now tried to raid mythic every tire but this the first time i feels there is something wrong with the spec feels like unenjoyable,expired and rushed spec.
I feel like we are forced to be the execute spec in the game but like half the specs compete with that role. Also raid fights are like cd sensitive even when its time for execute phase everyone else have his big 3 min cd back and blasting with you and boss dies in couple seconds in execute phase anyway.

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