Everyone is crying for Ret's dmg

Im not playing ret at all. But this is so funny how ppl crying for ret dmg. When rogues,locks,dhs,dks,monks still does insane dmg… if you all remember rogues on AWC were so broken. And they didnt nerf them even AWC ends. From s3 and s4 from Sl rogues were on S tier. All the specs… its unfair to nerf ret now instant… that means ppl are not happy when develops trying to do the game better… now when the ret takes the nerf they will cry for something else… and for sure not for the class that they play…


but you do which is why you post on a lvl60 instead of your reroll fotm ‘‘main’’

pala was overpowered and got nerfed. and judging from the past (dh/warr) this wont be the last nerfs.

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hidden ret main :clown_face:


Nice copium and let’s not pretend that damage is the problem of Ret. Ret is broken in way more aspects than just damage.

if you check this guy you would know he dont even got a paladin


how can you know it if u’ve literally said ure too old for this game and not playing pvp anymore
are u some forum backseat coach of sorts

i find it funny when people cry about ret’s damage while warriors with the same dmg numbers but with MS on top of them exist


i find most funny the this weeks retris or retri mains in general asking demo nerfs :joy:

i guess the demo counter them, i agree with you tho there are bigger outliers on this game and lets nerf retri and arms alot :clap:


You struggle with understanding what you read. I’ve never said it. I said I’m not playing until this clown fiesta is fixed and now Ret is more playable. Also we live in XXI century. I know that in Russia outside of Moscow and St. Petersubrg you have no toiletts or running water but with the technology nowadays - all streams you don’t even have to be subbed to the game to know the state of it.

No wonders Russians loot everything they see with such mindset.


nice racism man, /pol/ is the other way.

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You cannot be racist towards a nation that negates other nation’s right to existance period also how am I racist when I bring facts that they loot. If they didn’t loot and I said I’d be racist.

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brodayn your online on your shaman?

Yes, I am Rakar. On my alliance one.

f can i pm u? on a hord one?:smiley:

Send message to Blood for my btag. I don’t want to post it here.

you mean bloodlock?

^^ yes. I got him on my friendlist.

You are so funny! Im main lock you brick!

And you didnt mention enhance, well I want rets go enhance level of playability :slight_smile:


i will loot ur rating when i see ur approaching oh wait no way i see a 1.8 dawg approaching me hahahahaha
ive been playing with ret since the end of legion though all of bfa and shadowlands i know a lot more about rets than ur polska brain does XD
better go drink some water off the toilet fast

Like I care about ratings.

It’s you sending your soldiers in tanks from 50s to the front.