Everything costs too much

Just like pvp players there are also professions players.
I am not serious gold maker but i did gather at the start of expansion, then some two months after launch prices plummeted and i simply stopped bothering.
So yeah, it’s not so simple when you observe game as a whole.

it costs 10-20k in fees still for rank 5 work orders on gear
im a leatherworker ( maxed out )

and i get tipped 10k min

  • if anyone struggles with gold this expac, non of you played shadowlands properly … lol
    in SL you was buying legendaries for 100k-500k a piece !

If only I’d done that instead of mining and blacksmithing, i would be swimming in gold by now…

Yep can confirm. You can get them from the current raid too. So far it appears you only get one per full raid or maybe thats just my bad rng, but yes I have so far gotten one per week.

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Seriously every suggestion forces me to do pve content. Even a suggestion was to level up a profession ahaha as if I don’t have a full time job already. I do casual pvp and want to enchant my gear without having to bother these things.

Make your enchants for pve, spend so much time on them to make it valuable. It’s ok, I get it. It’s how you want to enjoy the game.

For me I don’t want to spend too much gold if I get limited gold from the content I am playing. I am struggling how you don’t understand what I really ask. I even don’t ask from you lol. It’s just a post if it’s heard by some blizzard employee, althought the chances are too slim.

suggestions to make gold:

  • do legacy raids for BoE tmogs. they sell well or disenchant for crystals that sell well
  • farm mounts to sell like goldenmare or bloodfeast
  • island expeditions always rewards you with BoE gear to sell on AH
  • professions at rank 5, work orders
  • selling character boosts from 1-70, invite a level 1 to your party and boost them to power level usually this will make you 200k per person
  • selling Battle pets … level a battle pet to level 20 and rare quality and it will sell for a minimum of 5k a pet depending on rarity it might sell for anything up to 200k
  • sell Ancient recipes ( nax and ZG )
  • take alchemy and get potion procs, sell the additional procs on AH for profit ( sometimes can get 20x in 1 craft )
  • sell DARKMOON fair tmogs… easy daily quests takes 5 minutes to complete, each set is about 100k-200k

anyone else want to add to this list of gold making ?

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I think most have understood what you are asking here. I do agree with you though. If I recall back in older expansion up to MoP you used to be able to get specific enchants and gems from the PvP vendors. But those required you to have a specific rating in order to purchase so you would need to put effort into it anyway. By doing current PvE it sort of equals out and that is why folks are suggesting this to you.

Nah its just the ops thing, there isnt a single reply or post in arena by this guy either during whole df that isnt offensive or and direct violation of tos. Its just one of those guys. I flag everything as ive yet not seen anything that werent just straight up offensive or attack on people

he has been given warnings to his language by mvps on forum in the past but he seems to be as offensive as ever

there is some guys i use on youtube that provide weekly updates on gold farming

i like to use Kaychak / youtube
he always uploads on current gold making trends

he recently achieved 1 billion gold in game

It’s literally you that suspended due to trolling. Check your track record first or let’s say look at the mirror before daring blaming others. And stop following me gee, go play with your little druid square and enjoy boosting your egos.

Now that’s a useful suggestion. Thanks!

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Had limited success woth legacy BOE gear, but still a viable option.
I’m a mount collector, so could concentrate on that and sell any duplicates as they go for a fair old price.
I keep forgetting about Island stuff lol

I’m pretty much skipping m+ this season completely, so might do a spot of gold farming instead. Thanks for the tips

Weren’t they just effects? I honestly can’t remember tho.

No they were great. Remember the spell reflect gem for casters. Loved watching a paladin stun themselves and Warlock kill themselves when the gem procced. :rofl:

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Sounds great!

I am not suspended nor have been suspended for trolling. Just another false accusation and attack on people by you. Im just reporting all as you are unable to say anything without being offensive

And related this post you have made and what people have pretty much already replyed to you as that it is of no issue and you are the one with problem

Farmers/explorers would be doing PvE. So PvPing them would be hybrid content. WoW community hates hybrid content.

Yes but in fairness the WoW community hates everything, including WoW, so that alone isn’t a disqualifying matter.

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Can’t argue with that… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

It is just that every time someone suggests hybrid content in the forums they are getting flagged, argued down and hated to death.

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game is mmo, i dont see problem in doing different type of things. and none is holding gun to my head forcing me to do anything i dont want to do either, if i just dont want to do something like farm the bloody tokens then i just dont. i wait to have conq and use honor gear meantime and if some weapon is better in pve i dont lose sleep over that either :slight_smile:

but i dont see why some couldnt be free to get such if they so want, its game people can just do whatever they want lol

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and allow us to focus on what we enjoy