Everything costs too much

Thanks for spitting over pvp playerbase again due to legendary item that has to be crafted with the items that are ingredient for anything. Now that I am not willing to spend my hard earned currency on a 3 star enchants because it costs a lot now.

Either make specific pvp enchants that work only pvp through mats earned from pvp or give proper rewards from pvp so that we can earn money without having to do stupid world quests that bore me to death.

Thank you


Blizz provide a way to make gold, if you don’t want to do it it’s your problem not theirs.


Hey man where do we post our CVs to work for blizzard? I need stable income thanks.

WoW community since Cata:

PvE community: why there is PvP in my PvE game?

PvP community: why there is PvE in my PvP game?

I am glad you made this post because you highlighted yet one more issue of developing two different games in one and splitting your community in two…


The game literally split into two with the introduction of resilience gear. It was not our decision to make.

Not your decision but guess why it happened and who asked for this separation to happen…

Oh and who kept that status quo in place since then! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can farm a huge amount of the materials. Just start now, doing a bit so now and then.

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The shadowflame essence one is really bad, I think it only drops from the previous Aberrus raid lol. If you buy that on AH it’s extremely expensive.

Because that’s how you prepare, are you a bot?

I don’t know why you think it’s any different for PVE players. We also have to do exactly the same.

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I’ve had them in new raid too.

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Prepare for what?

Are you reading what you are typing man? Or do you think you are in another thread?

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im grateful for expensive things in the game… it means people that actually put the time and effort into farming can achieve it

it should never be a simple feat

we need more expensive items … in my opinion


We also do our best in winning battlegrounds and arena matches. Why are we not properly rewarded then?

you are rewarded with Honor or conquest which equates to BiS gear for PvP
had it been PVE , you would have to wait for reset before doing it again…

pvp rewards are fine.

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and just in case you say something about DKs…
here is my DK
i’ve been doing just fine in pvp without a legendary axe

take enchanting like i have, disenchant all pvp gear, spend honor on the gear and disenchant it

  • easy profit
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Is hostility just a way to avoid the subject matter?

You can either farm the materials like every other player, or do some stuff in game to make gold, like every other player.

I believe the gold reward from dragon racing is decent and fast to do.


I think his issue is that when the game was split into PvP and PvE, gold making ended up on the PvE side.
In certain games you can make money by killing farmers/explorers and taking their loot, but WoW isn’t one of them.

ive said it before and ill say it again.
gold is so easy to make

i really dont get how people struggle with it,
im a full time pvper now too, like the OP

suggestions ive mentioned in the past :

  • do legacy raids for BoE tmogs. they sell well or disenchant for crystals that sell well
  • farm mounts to sell like goldenmare or bloodfeast
  • island expeditions always rewards you with BoE gear to sell on AH
  • professions at rank 5, work orders
  • selling character boosts from 1-70, invite a level 1 to your party and boost them to power level usually this will make you 200k per person

and ofc… if you have spare income, buy a wow token? thats an easy 300k+


Lots of Raiders and M plus players don’t like having to make gold for repairs or consumables either. It’s not exclusive to PvP players.

It’s just part of the game, unless you buy tokens, which I’m not suggesting anyone should have to do. It’s the ultimate lazy option.

  • selling Battle pets … level a battle pet to level 20 and rare qaulity and it will sell for a minimum of 5k a pet
    depending on rarity it might sell for anything up to 200k

you can level 3 battle pets at a time…