Ex-Phantas Magoria GM returning and looking for a guild

Hi guys!

Returning player looking for a mature and fun guild to find out if WoW has anything interesting to offer after a very very very long break.

If you were on Khadgar during the vanilla days you might know me as " Evenstar", the guild master of Phantas Magoria.

Unfortunately I have no access to my old character anymore (Night Elf, Warrior), so I decided to start a new one. Still not sure on what class I will play, but knowing myself I will probably end up leveling a tank again, because that is what I love playing in MMO's.

I am nowhere as hardcore as I was back the, but still will be able to put in plenty of time to do some casual to semi-hardcore raiding if I feel like WoW has something to offer for me. I am seriously interested in Classic WoW, so looking forward to hear/read/see more of that and who knows, maybe Phantas Magoria might return one day (small chance haha).

Looking forward hearing from you guys and would love to meet and chat with players who are still around after all this time!

Take care,
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Still raiding mailboxes, if you want a invite let me know.

Hey Evenstar

I’m from Bloodhoof so i don’t really know anything about Khadgar back story.

I’m the officer of a guild called “The Corrupted Guardians” and we could use YOU! as a fellow Guardian to Guard our vault of …Treasure.

Our guild is new since our last one was taken… Our old guild have existed im wow for more than 5 years sadly we couldn’t revive it. Our Gm and some others are known players in Bloodhoof.

If you’re interested add Mrhappybunny#2423 on battle.net Or add on Discord Billy#6728

Hey Evenstar, Jimbob here. Did you end up back on Khadgar?

If you are back in the game you can add me using Jimbob#2955 on battle.net I am back on Khadgar. Have a 100 Mage and a new Hunter at around 25 which is what I am levelling for now. I also have new expansion which gives me a free 110 boost.

I don’t ever plan to get back to the levels I played before due to time constraints but those days back up to around 2008(?) were amazing times. Crazy to think that was 10 years ago!!

Yo Evenstar, are you still around?

Haven’t kept up with Wow in years but i used to heal with you guys in Classic (Melar, Night Elf Druid).

Was there for everything from first MC Clear up until the Nightmare Dragons (which is about the time i lost my account).

You wouldn’t happen to have any screenshots laying around from back then?

All the best

I got quite a few shots from our kills

Did he ever surface? I was in Neurosis back when you were stomping us for first place :smiley:

Hi Evenstar

You mentioned Classic…just saying, old members of Certus Excessum are going to revive the guild on Pyrewood PvE realm in Classic :slight_smile:

RopeDrink here. Funny, that’s the server I rolled Horde on, though I’m not sure I can stomach classic. I’m of the ‘been there, done that persuasion’, though I’d love to go back to the old days of Stratholme timed runs.

I remember the only scarab lord on the server :slight_smile:

Hi mate.

BAF Horde

Were 10/10NM 3/10HC

With a massive social base, casual raiding guild that Raids 2 core nights Wednesday and Sunday 2100-0000 server time and a alt/social raid on Mondays 2100-2300.

Formed 2007.

Welcome to join us and see what you think.