Exalted Reputations Achievement Bugged

Hello everybody,

I am experiencing a bug, which has been verified by a GM and I am posting here to get your opinions on how to fix it, so please do not hesitate to share if you are in the same case than me:

After a long time grinding reputations in WoW, I wanted to calculated how many I had achieved and what I was missing.

My current display is 57/60 exalted reputations for the achievement “60 Exalted Reputation”.

So I took the time to check all the reputations counting for the “100 exalted achievement” on wowhead.
I placed every reputations on an excel sheet and then logged on all my characters and checked who is exalted and where.
And after some quick math, I saw that I have a total of 80+ reputations exalted on all my characters (only unique ones, I am not counting doublons).
On my warrior alone, I have 60+ reputations unique, which is more that enough to clear the “60 exalted reputations” achievement.
And funny enough I received the “55 exalted achievements” in 2017, however in my tracker (which is obviously bugged) I have 57/60 rep now, and this despite having reached all the BFA, some shadowlands and many other exalted rep. since 2017…

So after seeing this issue, I placed a ticket and got an answer.
The GM verified my info and told me, as I expected, that my warrior only should clear the “60 Exalted Reputation” achievement, but unfortunately, here I am, still grinding at 57/60.
And what about the 30 others on other characters that should still count and give me 80+ exalted rep, knowing that this achievement is account wide.

Anyway, the GM was friendly and told me he will report my issue internally and he has asked me to submit a bug report in-game, so the Dev team can collect data and investigate my issue.

Looking online I saw that this issue happened to others and unfortunately Bug Report and other Tickets did not help.
I saw that major updates like 8.3 for example refreshesd the overall and cleared the bug for some lucky players, however even Shadowland for me did not clear this bug.

So any ideas or tips to clear this bug?
Thank you.

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