Execute damage

Can we make execute do damage in pvp? Damage relevant to name?


I agree. But with the amount of modifiers to execute/ms that would mean that the moment someone is at 30%, one lucky crit and you 1shot him.

Thats bad for PvP balance.

Imagine if Monks could do the same thing with “touch of death”. :slight_smile:

All modifiers go to mortal strike, not execute.

To get “omega mortal strike” you need to overpower twice, execute twice, so then you have omega nerfd buff and debuff for 9% each increase to mortal from overpower, and 10% from execute, bladestorm to get hurricane buff up, warbreaker → sharpen mortal and hopefully crit it (while u dont play crit anymore) on a leather targett thats clueless to press any defensives - VOILA - 300-330k if u had full mastery gear.

Now you see this 6 treants in background giving 0 effs about it, even if there is sharpen? I see them 24/7 now. And just remember how much u just lined up, I can guarntee you thats not gonna be back to back mortal strike like this, esp that with short sharpen you have to wait before you mortal so you can instantly reapply mortal wounds after sharpen or the target is gonna be literally free heald in the gap between sharpen off - standard wounds apply.

And that is also if people wont play ping-pong with you meanwhile you trying to land it with all kinds of annoyments.

Delete that trash talen for execute debuff increasing mortal strike and put in its place 10-20% execute dmg so I can stop hearing my execute got stuck in SL. That is a damn execute after all?

But yeah, now thats a filler ability that is usable 24/7 with rend tier set proccing sudden death right and left. Sadly the animation is clunky enough that I pref to press overpower so I don’t lose global in between micro CC.

But not even speaking of PvP, that god damn thing does nothing in PvE either. PvP tooltip for mortal is higher than execute before any buffs on mortal, with mortal resets from overpower and itself there is literally no point pressing execute. Maybe with 4set and auto clap + rend apply there will be value o press it over mortal.

Like come on, isnt that completly dumb? WW touch of death is completly another topic so comparing is here is really not the best thing. Tod has short fix, have another monk spamming tod on 15% hp target when you spam ur normal damage, then u maybe get it out :smiley:

What are you talking about? MS?

Look here is a list of talents that affect Execute

Cruel Strikes, Improved Execute, Sudden Death, Impale, Massacre, Critical Thinking, Our Mastery (adding % damage increase), and Sharpen Blades.

Maybe I left a few out.

Given that A) Gear in S3 can get us to 50% crit, making all those modifiers give MS an almost 60-70% crit chance. Plus all the modifiers to %crit damage makes Execute hit like a truck as it is.

Additionally the contenders for OP execute talents:

Juggernaught and Fatality: Both of those are a flat, passive, % increase to damage.


If Execute was not nerfed you could cheese an arena PvP battle and 1-shot people. Maybe not in the first seccond of the fight, but trust me, a long fight with a fully charged Fatality and Juggernaught… the moment someone hits 35% you could technically hit that dude for more damage than his total health pool. 1-shot.

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