Execute is recruiting 9/9 AQ40

Execute is currently recruiting:

We raid two nights a week, sunday 19-22, tuesday 19-22 (once content is on farm we raid only sundays).

Expect current raid tier sunday 19-22(AQ40 9/9), tuesday 19-21(BWL and other shenanigans)

We consist of a group of mainly 30+ europeans:

Our loot system is Loot council, more precisely handled by our class leaders, with very little interference from the officers, as long as people get a long, it’s all good.

During raids, we expect you to focus, bring consumables, and the occasional world buff - we do not flask anything but tanks, we do not do monthly speed clears.

We are currently looking for:




Resto shammys

possibly a dps shammy.

If you have any questions or you’re looking to join please contact anyone from the guild management ingame, or DM me on discord

Urugard, Elitemarina, Diki, Duckstalker, Krh, Grimr, Tatíana

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