Expecting disconnect but it never happens


Im experiencing frequent semi disconnect states. Game seems normal but you cant cast spells, you can only move around . Expected result is to get disconnected. But that never happens. Only solution is to relaunch the game. Happens in arenas, world, m+. Even with all addons disabled.

Chat is still functional during this state.

Started noticing since 10.2 launch.

Anyone with similar issues or fix ?

Thank you in advance.


Something like that keep happening to me I keep getting random DC for everything around me it’s just like you said like DC in world or dungeons or anything sometimes the game will work but chat won’t show up for me and some times the game will randomly act like that and I will get what you explain like semi DC please if any 1 have any fix for this ( I have 2 pc and this problem happen in both I have rtx 4070 and 13600kf with windows 11 in one pc and the other have 13700k with rtx 4090 with windows 10) I tried updating the addons or even without any, I tired to change directx 12 to directx 11, I updated all software and I did try repair this problem only happened in wow

I had freezes (roughly 2-5 secs) and disconnects during my raid tonight. After i quit the game the battlenet launcher lost it’s connection for a short time and reconnected right after.
Restarting WoW seem to solve the issue temporarily but it’s not enough to run Mythic + or raids…

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Just want to say i tried to Uninstalle and install again it didnt help

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