Experienced Feral Druid Looking for Relaxed Mythic Raiding

Hi there!

I’m an experienced feral druid player coming back to the game from a break. I am behind due to RL circumstances but I have managed to catch up a bit. I am looking to main feral as it is what I enjoy most and I am no longer living the hardcore life where I reroll to what meta the guild needs. I am aware however on Sun King feral is rather lack lustre and if I can’t make it work I don’t mind going boomy for that fight if I can get the gear for it.

I’m an experienced feral player and Mythic raider, and would like to get back into it as I have been enjoying what I have played of the expansion. I also enjoy doing M+ and would love to join some guild groups instead of just pugs.

I have some logs of my feral from CN this expansion. I also have some logs of my old feral from Normal and Heroic Highmaul in WoD which was when I last got to play as feral (guild asked me to swap classes). I can link them to you when I contact you if you would like to see them.

I am looking for no more than 2 days a week due to my RL working circumstances. I’m also looking for a guild that respects RL comes first as I have no intention of playing WoW like a second job anymore.

If you’re interested please leave your details below and I will get in contact with you. Do not mail this character as I do not play her.

I would be willing to transfer if I found the right guild. Preferer Horde as my friends are horde but I would not completely shut out Alliance.

Hey Man. What realm / faction are you on?

I would be willing to transfer if I found the right guild. Preferer Horde as my friends are horde but I would not completely shut out Alliance.

Hello, maybe you like this.

We going into hc next raid.


Still looking.

Hi Zarinel,

Please add my btag and we can chat if you are interested. This is our wow progress page:

[WoW Guild Eternal @ Draenor :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings]

My btag is: Facebleed#21627

As mentioned, i am not looking for more than 2 days a week.

[Horde][Stormscale] (10/10HC)

We are a friendly bunch of returning endgame raiders who formed our guild at the release of Shadowlands. We’re currently at around 100Members and still growing, so we have a community of joyful people to interact with.

But now to the interesting part.
We are currently 10/10HC, looking to fill in our remaining slots to start Mythic progression with Cutting Edge as our end goal.
The Experience of our raiders vary from Multiple Cutting Edges to just a few mythic bosses killed.

Our progression raiding schedule is Wednesdays and Sundays 20:00-23:00
We have optional farm raids on Thursdays 20:00-23:00 which is NM Atm. When we are able to clear 10/10HC in 3 hours, HC will be moved to Thursdays(Last wednesday we went 8/10HC with 6 less then mediocore trials)

We have a bunch of more information on our WoWProgress page.
You are also free to add me on Discord if you’re interested or have any questions: Cleverbot#6242

Thanks, but as I said I’m only looking for 2 days a week and no more. You raid 4 days a week at the start of every tier (according to your wowprogress) which I cannot commit to.


We’re still recruiting for raiding two days in the weekend mid-day :slight_smile:

Check us out and let me know if you’re interested for a chat:
[H] recruiting for weekend day time raids - Draenor - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

I kinda don’t want to write an entire essay - I’ll explain why I think we are a great fit for you when you PM me ingame or on discord (TbXie#3737)!

We’re looking to get CE at a 2 day schedule, relatively relaxed yet still competitive.


add me on discord Sloburn#3132, were 9/10 HC atm and recruiting DPS.

[EU][Horde][Tarren Mill] ”Distinct” 9/10HC 1/10 M recruiting for CE & M+ at a high level.

Distinct is a PVE focused guild, that has established the right balance between Fun and friendly, but still very focused on performance/progress. Thats aims to make a guild filled with mature gamers. A welcoming home for those that like quality gameplay within a social, friendly, structured, mature, self critical and well performing environment. For our raiding team we are looking for exceptional DPS and healers (speccs listed below). And for Mythic + anyone with a solid background of pushing keys is welcome. The guild is mainly made to progress thru mythic raids and obtain cutting edge within reasonable time + being as efficient as we can with our time outside of the raids without the need to pug Mythic+ keys and always able to do high mythic keys on a daily basis.

The guild does have a very active and involved GM that has bigger goals for the guild such as making a boosting group within aswel for farming gold. But for all this we do need more exceptional players. So if you feel like you are a gamer and able to be social/friendly and constructive Please read for further information. And add Alekker#7538 on discord for further recruitment, with logs, char name, experience and some basic info about your ready. Thnx for getting this far and hope you have a good day GL & HF.


-2 day raid schedule + 1 optional day: wed, sun and tue 19:30-23:00. Tuesday being the optional day.

-Looking for raiders with a solid background of mythic raiding, or either solid Current heroic logs.

-Raiders that are active outside of raiding times for pushing keys. And some optional boosting

-Raiders that are mature, friendly and constructive, there is no need for a tense and cold environment to progress. Its very important for us that we all have fun and that raiding feels like a rewarding fun challenge instead of a job.

-We got quite a solid core but do need some solid dps to achieve our goals.

-Any DPS or healing specs are considered with solid logs.

Classes in high demand: but like stated before any solid dps is considered.

-WW monk

-disc holy priest

-Holy pally
-MW monk
-Ret pally


Looking for solid mythic+ pushers, with either a solid background of M+ or a current score of atleast 800. Just a bit under 800 is also fine, we understand how frustrating pugging can be.

People that are interested in making a boost group within the guild are also very much welcome. But this is something that is not ready yet. But like state before we got a very active GM and wil be setup in a week or two.

Will keep in mind, though some of you have not even left guild names?

Since you’re looking for a new guild, have a gander at MythicMinus!

Hello there Zarinel, I might have something for you if you are still looking. We are currently a guild consisting of only swedes, so i thought i’d check if you were from Scandinavia too. If yes, feel free to contact me on b-tag: Norrby#2356, or drop a reply in your thread :slight_smile:

Hey There,
To keep this brief
Disciples (Based on Alliance, Alonsus) 5/10HC
Raiding 2 days a week (Mondays and Thursdays) is looking for solid DPS to round out its raid roster in time for Mythic

If it’s something you’d consider contact me on Tag Vanq#2404 or Discord Hoterino#6305

Hi Zarinel,

Storm Riders is an Alliance guild on the Defias/Ravenholdt et.al cluster. We’re a social/casual guild covering PvE/PvP/RP. Our PvE war band, Hurricane, is building its raid team. Their raid nights are Thursday and Sunday. If you’d like to know more let me know (in-game mail is fine to make contact).

Guild info: A-[STORM RIDERS] - Defias/Ravenholdt - Recruiting all levels - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)