Experienced raider looking for 2 day raiding guild


Hey there fellow classic lovers,

I’m looking for a suitable 2 day raiding guild as a mage.

If it means anything: I’m a cutting edge raider (for those who don’t know what that is: cleared mythic raids while relevant on retail / bfa). In other words: highly experienced and dedicated.

I’ve quit bfa as a I grew tired of how the game works and evolves. Right now I’m focussed on getting my character in classic ready.



You are welcome to join us in Valkyries, ask me when I am online and I will direct you to our officers (most evenings between 8 and 10)

We will raid twice a week, but will take some time since most of us are between lvl 30 and 50😁


We are looking for members at the moment msg me ingame Zaakied.

2-3 raid days first raid now on wednesday get that 55 mate :wink:

Best regards Zaakied