Experiencing the story in Dragonflight for the first time

TLDR It is overwhelming, the story is shown and told to me all over the place and I have no idea what happened, when happened, who is who and why.
Nobbel87 has some great ideas how to fix this, or at least make the actual storytelling better, check his “WELCOME TO LORELAND!” YouTube videos. At the moment there are two parts.

I have been enjoying the expansion this month since I came back, I like the story and everything, and this is not a rant. I am just sharing my thoughts. I came back to the game after a long while. I played through the first two zones, everything made sense, until I got in Valdrakken. I found myself thrown everwhere, from place to place, from story to story, with some stuff meant to be played storywise after other ones. Nothing makes sense anymore. I got in the Emerald Dream doing the campaign there and having so many characters thrown at me and so much story, so many recap cinematics, I had no idea what was going on.

I know I can do research, but I don’t find it ok. My luck is obviously that I already am very familiar to the WoW lore and everything, but still, the game threw me at the Emerald Dream content, and out of nowhere I see Ysera coming back through a recap cinematic (does not explain me why and how), the big bad dragon I was fighting in the other 2 zones is no longer, instead there are 2 new bad guys (icey and firey) who I have no idea who they are, and other stuff. The game throws then at me all those cutscenes/cinematics, but I have no idea what happened up to that point.

I still don’t know where the story goes and what was the order I should have, and should be playing the game, so I can understand the story correctly. Atm I left the emerald dream campaign, went back to valdrakken and I am trying to do the other campaigns and stories everwhere else other than the ones in Emerald Dream, mostly because I know that that’s the newest zone.

I imagine my experience right now is 2 times worse for a new player. I can’t imagine how a new player can enjoy storywise this game, with the game expecting you to already know everything and does not care the order in which you do the content.

I guess you guys know Nobbel87, he has some great ideas how to fix or make the actual storytelling better. Check his “WELCOME TO LORELAND!” YouTube videos. At the moment there are two parts.

Df doesn’t exactly have linear story, some stories are even locked behind renown.
There is not much fixing because it’s working as intended.

The campaign is pretty linear, sends you through each zone. This ain’t Legion where each zone is self contained.

That said, DF doesn’t stop you from picking up later campaign quests leading to “newer” areas, so doing those would make the storyline rather confusing… for the sake of catching up.

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