Explain how to read parses

Ive been trying to figure out if im dealing average dps or if im slacking but i cant seem to understand how to actually read the parses so they mean nothing to me, would love it if someone could explain it to me.

You are dealing average dps for your class for the content you looking at if your parse is exactly 50.

So if you score 50 on Gronk heroic, that means that 50% of all players did better than you, and 50% of players did worse. For example; if you get 90 score, it means 10% of players did better, and 90% did worse.

Ilvl parse compares you only to players with similar ilvl to yours.

Looking at WCL, you seem to be hovering near average in general.

General method:

Take one of your parses, like


and read it closely yourself. Then feed it into WoWAnalyzer

for a summary of what you might have done better.

Then read your parse again, looking for the places where the analyzer saw the shortfall.

Ah i see, is there like a certain % you wanna hit to not be a complete scrub? I should specify that im primarely thinking about m+ now as im not really raiding actively atm

It will depend on the fight and your ilevel.

WCL grades your parse grey, green, blue or purple by comparing it to the performance of others of your spec and ilevel on the same fight. I could see your parses were Blue and Green, so - average-ish.

The useful info is in WoWAnalyzer, though, where it shows you not pre-potting, not using a food buff, wasting Fury and underusing Blade Dance. These are the things you should watch out for on this type of fight if you want to improve.

There’s also orange parses at 95-100, just for completions sake.

100 is golden.

I stand corrected.

Mythic+ logs don’t really exist in the same way that raid logs do. For mythic+ raider io score matters more, and how many keys at what level you’ve completed. Just focus on being the best possible player you can be in every dungeon you enter and that should suffice assuming you’ve the attitude to improve and learn.

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