Express Yourself with New Dracthyr Emojis!

Express Yourself with New Dracthyr Emojis!

Whether you’re chatting with friends on Discord, Twitch, or social media, you can express yourself with new dracthyr emojis for (nearly) every occasion.

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Wow, I’m… Um, this sort of looks like your target audience is 5 year olds.


the audience is clearly those twitch chat kids.
that is quite a big one

Ignore the negative comments please. This is a really wholesome and very recognisable story!
We also use Slack internally and the custom emoji’s are generously being used! Love these as well!

You go team, you go!


Will we be able to use these on… you know… the official WoW forums? Not everyone has TL3

Well, such content clicks for NA, obviously.
As an european savage, who still appreciates reason and common sense, unless there is a finger up emoji, Im not interested.

You forgot to add them to the forum emoji’s.

So now we’re gonna have to paste in pictures. Well, those of us that can at any rate.

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Admittedly, I didn’t read the cover story. Thanks for pointing it out.

You get a pass on these then ^^

I know I’m a grumpy old person, but it feels that half the community is talking in Twitch emotes by now. Things are not good anymore, they’re poggers. You don’t laugh, you say KEKW, just as some younger millennials seem to have adopted saying “lol” IRL instead of actually laughing.
So Blizzard seem to be judging their audience rather accurately from my perspective.

It really is! I also think they’re super cute. As Ishayo has said, they missed a great opportunity to also add them as forum emojis :frowning:

I love these!!!


Thanks for making me feel old on this fine Friday :smile: Pfff, I was the future generation just yesterday. Time is savage.

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Let’s feel old together then, and scream at Twitch kids to get off our imaginary forum lawn :hugs:

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I’m 35 and I’m not ready for it :sweat_smile:

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This. Let everyone use them here.

its “You are not prepared” on these forums.


i wanna use them… :sad-dracthyr:

I loooooooove these so much, spamming my guild discord server with them.


These definitely look cool. However, this particular gif can be potentially harmful to someone suffering from photosensitive epilepsy. My gf for example has a hard time looking at it. Other than that, great work :slight_smile: