EXSUL shamelessly trying to poach other guilds' members


Hi everyone:
I rarely ever post here but I wanted to let you know that this afternoon, an officer from the Guild Exsul - Razorgore Alliance went down our list of high level players, wisping each one of us in turn trying to poach us.

Even after I informed him that I was an officer, and after our guild master asked him to stop trying to poach and he apologized, he continued to do whatever he wanted, proceeding to attempt to poach our MT about 5 minutes later.

It’s cheeky and lame. So I want to inform both officers and guild members on the server: because if a guild is resorting to measures this desperate, it can’t be a very nice bunch nor be doing very well.

Have a great weekend, and shame on you guys at Exsul.

To summarize: Lame poacher tactics, lame guild.


Same thing for us over in Empire.


if you cant keep your own players thats your issue


Actively poaching from other guilds has always been considered a dick move. I feel like people stopped giving a sh*t when server communities stopped being a thing. So retail players are in for a rude awakening once they realize pissing of others isnt such a smart move. And poaching players WILL piss of people.

That being said, if “wanna join our noname guild” is enough to make someone leave, you apparently didnt give him any reason to stay in the first place. Right now most players havent seriously commited to one guild. They join on the first opportunity and leave equally easily if a better one emerges.

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If your house ever gets broken into I hope you don’t call the cops because it was your fault that you didn’t keep your stuff safe smh

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It’s not just a dick move, it ruined communities back then. When guilds got stonewalled by C’thun or 4 Horsemen in Naxx and the top guilds tried poaching members off each other to maybe get some progress, multiple guilds disbanded and their communities were ruined.

It’s a really disgusting practice by desperate individuals.


I dont unconditionally agree. Once you reach a certain point of progress, you cant just pick up a fresh level 60 char and take him to naxx. You need someone with some degree of gear and experience. And these players are almost exclusively found in other guilds. There simply arent many players that have the desire and capabilities to raid but dont allready do it.

Picking up players from other guilds has always been part of the game. Same as losing them to other guilds. Whether or not they have been approached before ot took the initiative themself. Guilds very very rarely break up because someone got poached. Like in your example, there always is an underlying problem. Stonewalling probably being the most common one.

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No fam, that’s just making up excuses.

Guilds WERE commonly broken up during thise stonewall periods, but stonewalls can be overcome given time. Saying “Well we don’t want to gear a new tank through AQ40 for 4HM so we’ll go poach from other Naxx guilds, even if it means they end up disbanding” is selfish and nobody would want it to happen to their guild.

It’s as much “part of the game” as randomly being harassed in whispers is (i.e. player behaviour that’s frowned upon) but that’s not even the point. The ethics of it is what we’re discussing, not if it’s in the game.


Why would I make up excuses? I never poached from other guilds. I was never dutied with recruiting in the first place. Whenever I was in an officer role my job was organization. Or in other words: making sure people are not unhappy. And from that perspective I can confidently say that poaching never is the reason why a guild breaks down. It is an accelerator at best; an annoyance that halts your progress or may even set you back. But a well managed guild wont die from that.

In your example, why would a player leave his guild, aka his friends, if the guild is to eventually overcome its problems? Easy answer: He doesnt believe in it. Thats the guild managements shortcomming. Keep your raiders happy, motivated and optimistic and poachers wont have much to work with. Dont do that and your players will leave you regardless.
And sometimes players are right in assuming a guild wont progress further.

Its easy to shift the blame towards others. But it also sets you up for repeated failure. Thinking that if it wasnt for these damn poachers you allready had XYZ in the bag is doing exactly that. Feel free to disagree if you want.

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Fam you’ve constructed an entire scenario in your head that’s more or less pointless; we’re talking in abstracts. Poaching is a problem that does not exist without poachers. it is not a matter of blame, but of reason.

Somebody being unhappy with their guild’s progression and leaving to seek other guilds is morally neutral. Poaching, regardless of circumstances, is morally bad. You don’t need to take it much further.


You brought the topic up by saying poachers destroy communities. Now you seem to backpaddle by arguing a strawman.


Dear Guilds of Razorgore,
With all due respect there is no such thing as poaching between guilds in a game this is a way for people to have fun and they have their own decision to leave or join another guild if they want to. The players are not to be treated as property and if they leave to join another guild that is because the player himself believes that it is better for him and it is due to your lack of ability to keep your guild members satisfied with the way you have been handling your guild. The moral behind of this is to understand that the player himself was waiting for an opportunity to leave and if presented with an opportunity they will after-all this is a game we are not going to be in a society that does not let us have fun.
Regards, Ears from Exsul.


Oh so your guild members are your possessions now and you have to keep them? Last i checked players can go where they want. Your analogy doesnt hold up as people with free will arnt possessions. If your losing players to another guild then look at your own guild and why it isnt as good, as supposed to the guild they are leaving to join

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There’s missing the point of an analogy and then there’s this


hoho lulzzz… :smiley:


This must be an alliance thing!
By the elements, the horde has honor!


DW lads hes KoS for me and Tucky now.


i wonder how long it will take before your guild name will be changed to Exsul