Extending Azerite Knowledge


The Azerite Knowledge system that periodically reduces the Artifact Power required to level up the Heart of Azeroth was originally intended to pause after this week. However, after considering feedback and looking at current Heart levels across the community, we’re extending it for another four weeks. The final increment until the upcoming Rise of Azshara content update will now occur with the weekly reset the week of April 24.

This change should give more players the opportunity to attain Azerite traits on current gear and reach the current maximum artifact level of 50 before the major Heart of Azeroth system update coming in Rise of Azshara. We’ll have more details on that soon.

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Not sure if April fools or real update…


It’s real.


Can you tell me if RP-PvP servers are real for Classic too? :blush:


and the real release date for Classic?


Too real, i wish BFA was just a bad dream that i could wake up from.


It really is an insufferable grind and has totally put me off playing much on alts until 8.2. Glad that someone in Development HQ is actually listening and looking at the figures for people not bothering to level it up.


Here’s some more feedback you should consider. Get rid of this bs system now. No one in their right minds wants to continuously grind brain dead content just for the ability to properly equip higher level azerite gear which will in almost all cases have been legitimately earned by beating the highest level content.


So it wasnt april fools after all i was so sure since post was april 1


what is trully sad is that they are stoping it months before 8.2 will go live.

which means some unlucky people who farm it will have to farm it for 2-3 more months .

wont lie glad im not one of them :slight_smile:


why did developers not think to replace azerite rewards with something else after heart level 50? -_-


this game sucks more by time.

stop killing this game. shiiit
no one wants to do this crap just stop it.

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How is extending azerite knowledge killing the game?


they should stop this grinding crap in first place.

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Isnt then actually a good thing they extended it? Less grind?

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