Extremely 3/10 mythic - 2 day raiding - ravencrest (alliance)

A fairly fresh guild with a team of friendly people and a good raiding atmosphere, Extremely is looking for a couple more players for its raiding team. Our raid leaders are multi CE players in previous expansions.

Wednesday and Friday 20:30-23:00

Currently looking for:

  • a healer (preferably priest or shaman), or a healer with a good DPS offspec.
  • some extra dps (following order of interest: dk, rogue, warlock, monk, mage, priest). We are open to any exceptional applicant regardless of class.
    We are more interested in skilled players than overgeared players, so if you know you have what it takes, don’t be shy to add me for a chat.

We are permissive with raid attendance as long as we are notified well in advance. We also run a HC run on Saturdays for alts and socials or mains who still want to do such content.

Contact: btag Ghanima#2846 or discord Liv#8207

Updated progress. Open to discussing an exceptional tank as well.