Faction balance in p2?


How do you perceive the faction balance now that p2 is rolling? We’r afew thinking about migrating from Gehennas (A) to Earthshaker because of the mad queue times and faction unbalance.

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Hey Triaswl

Forums state that rotation on Earthshaker is close to equal.
From personal experience it seems more like 35/65, maybe 40/60 horde favor (world pvp pow).
Sometimes i run into a group of 10-20 alliance, but most of the time i only see solo hordes or groups of 10-30 horde ganking LHP, everlook evt.
I barly never see alliance alone, they are allways grouped.


Hi there,

I would say come to Earthshaker if you play Aliance.
Realm is now more Horde favor, but something like 45/55, maybe max. 40/60. But it still good ratio. You will always find group for dungs and you will always find horde to fight with.

I am there since day one of Earthshaker and I am happy for that.

Hey, me and 4 other friends are thinking of Moving over here. Atm we are all lvl 60 ally on ZT and thinking on Moving over here since there are almost 0 horde to kill on ZT since there are so many other alliance raids out there farming honor. it’s almost a pve server at this point since alliance is farming every major quest hub + Undercity and BRM. And we would all love to be the underdogs for a change. Is the outdoor World completley horde dominantes or do alliance also win


You sir, are a legend among scum.

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