Faction Change/Allied Race


I would like to faction change my Void Elf Priest to Horde Nightbourne Priest. I’m exalted with the Nightfallen, and I have the achievement, ‘You Are Now Prepared’. When I change faction, will I be able to choose Nightbourne on the character creation screen?
Thanks a lot.

(Saneko) #2

For the Nightborne, you need to have completed the Insurrection achievement, not the “You Are Now Prepared”.


Hello Saneko,
Thank you for the speedy reply. Just so I’m clear. If I complete that achievement, I’d be all set to faction change straight into Nightbourne?

(Shammoz) #4

With that achievment you will unlock the quest to create nightborne chars ( or race change), but it’s short and easy.

P.S. Race changing will not unlock the Nightborne Heritage armor, even if you have earned the Void Elf one, you would have to level a new nightborne char to 110.


Thank you. So, even as an Alliance toon, I can unlock Nightbourne for the rest of my account? I’m not bothered with that armor btw :slight_smile:

(Shammoz) #6

Yes, the requirements for nightborne unlock can be achieved on an Alliance character. A Horde character must do the actual (but quick) unlock quest itself.