Faction Change from Horde to Alliance

Hey, would it be possible for Blizzard to allow paid faction change from Horde to Alliance to balance it out? I’m on Horde and honestly while I know alliance has it worse, it’s really not that fun for many horde players either. Wherever you go you may find a few balanced fights against alliance but in about 5 minutes 20 more horde groups will come and drive them away from the area.

Allowing Faction change from Horde to Alliance only on Stonespine would be amazing, I’d buy it the second it’s out and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I and a good amount of my guildmates were in the top 100 standings last week, we’ve been pvping day and night since it’s been out, alliance are being overrun by horde at any time of the day by too much and now it’s getting even worse, seeing even fewer alliance players than last week. Would be nice to know if Blizzard at least plans to open transfers from other servers to ours to Alliance only if Faction Change won’t be an option.


Something needs to change as fast as possible

It is too late.
You made the game impossible for allience. So they rerolled on other realm and/or quit the game entirely.
This is your reward.
But i do like you admit, that you are the only ones who can balance the server. Because those who left wont come back, and the rumor this realm has surely wont attract new allience players.

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This makes no sense at all. How would we know how many alliance players would play? and you think alliance let’s us just pass them without attacking us? if we would just leave them alone they’d get killed by the other 10 groups that come after us or they’d just kill us.

Meza, my thoughts exactly. They should open transfers from horde to alliance to balance things out. I would be first to transfer.

Yea lets help our little midgets im in

Blizzard should have started out with faction que’s when they gave us namereservations. They should have seen the problem coming miles ahead

This potentialy could ruin classic

Faction transfers will never happen because of Shamans and Paladins are locked to their Faction.

I was ganked at 7 in the morning 2 on 1 by 60s in WPL… Alliance are constantly ganking lowbies there… I wish they would quit the game so i could get to 60 without getting camped but sadly not.

if only you knew… i was lvl 48 when p2 came out. since then i havent been able to quest out in the open at all. i get killed constantly and tbh im not having fun. And also i am a resto druid, which makes my chances in 1v1 very slim, although 1v1’s rarely happens as the horde is always in groups.
All my lvling since p2 has come out has been in dungeons.
At least you can run to brd without corpse running legit 10+ times. thats a realistic number even though i can go stealth as a druid. this server is messed up and blizzard is not going to do anything about it

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I am so sorry for the inconvenience some roaming allience players cause you for 10mins now and then. Can’t even imagine you’r pain.

It was very obvious from the start that you outnumbered us quite heavy. It was very difficult to lvl as allience, because we were always outnumbered.

And 2 weeks before p2, you innocent fragile hordes started to camp both chillwind and lightshope. Making sure it would take a very very long time to get to strat/scholo, and nearly impossible to take or hand in a quest in the plaguelands.
TP and BRM was also camped before p2. Alot of groups simply disbanded before reaching the dungeons, because tank or healer just went “Screw this! Im going home” after being corpsecamped for 20mins, followed by the brave and very skilled defenders of the horde.
Grinding/farming was always a struggle, again, because you had the numbers.

Now enter p2.
You poor poor souls was in such a dire distress that you had to gather everyone to defend your self, from the roaming allience solo player who was very dangerous and almost survived your gang /spit assault on him.
I understand your actions for closing down SG for questing, denying access to BRM, denying escape. I mean? How dare we try to play the game?

So pre p2 = very dangerous and difficult på be allience.
After p2 = Impossible.

But i feel your pain. Must be hard to get killed once or twice every 3 hours.
Allience have it alot better. Getting killed repeatedly without end.

But gl with AQ opening.

Easy solution - change server. I did and I’m having fun again :wink:

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we have to rank up somehow and so many horde means we have to compete with each other it rly sucks for both factions trust me

I created a monster :smiley: jokes aside, very nice if you hunt me, it’s a pvp server go ahead. The point of my post is not to fight with people but just find out if that would be possible at all to balance it out to make it more fun for both sides. Alliance only have a few people that group and actually pvp while horde has way too many so they will kill anything above 48 to get the little honor there is, some people are taking this alliance vs horde part way too seriously like the faction that you picked means anything at all, it’s the server numbers that screw it up not the type of people, alliance does the exact thing that horde does when it can, they just have fewer people.

You know this is not happening, it will probably only get worse from here. And then the server will end up like Flamelash, most likely

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