Faction change question

if i change my faction will i lose my reps, achivements, and mounts?
or will they be converted to the horde ones?

Reputations and Allied Races

  • Faction-specific reputations will convert to their cross-faction equivalent if one exists.
  • Faction-specific reputations which do not have an equivalent in the new faction will reset back to Neutral.
  • Reputations with races and factions that have no allegiance to the Horde or to the Alliance remain unaffected. Allied Races have no allegiance to either faction. This means that reputation with an Allied Race will not convert to the new race. Likewise, having unlocked Heritage Armor with the original race will not unlock the Heritage Armor of the new race.
  • Progress towards a faction-specific Paragon Chest will reset.
  • Visit our Faction Change Reputation Conversion page for a conversion breakdown.


  • Completed achievements which are both faction and character specific will convert to their cross-faction equivalent. If the achievement is not yet completed, any partial progress will reset. For example, Nemesis achievements.
  • All Argent Tournament achievements (whether in-progress or completed) will reset.
  • Other achievements are account-wide and remain unaffected.

Collections (Titles, Pets, Mounts, and Transmogs)

  • Faction-specific titles convert to their cross-faction equivalent.
  • Faction-specific pets convert to their cross-faction equivalent: guild page and guild herald, moonkin hatchling, etc.
  • Mounts do not convert. Mounts are account-wide which means faction specific mounts are faction-wide.
  • Transmogs remain unaffected.

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